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Misconceptions Guys Have About Philippines Girls

Being with the right woman and getting the love you deserve will make a world of difference to many facets…

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How Can Philippine Girls Make Age Gaps in Relationships Work

In a recent survey conducted by the Social Weather Station, many Philippines girls are split on the idea of large age gaps…

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6 Green Flags That You’ve Found a Keeper Among Philippines Girls

You may have heard the phrase “she’s a keeper,” but never quite understood its meaning. Basically, when you find a…

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Is Height a Deciding Factor in Dating Philippines girls? What Short Guys Should Know

Darwin and other scientists would argue that biologically women are genetically wired to go after taller guys on a primeval…

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First Date Rules to Follow When Dating Philippines Girls

The prospect of dating Philippines girls can be quite overwhelming, especially to the inexperienced. First dates will demand careful preparation as…

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Romantic Gestures that can Improve your Relationship with Philippine Women

A relationship needs a lot of work and it’s not the big things that make a difference. If you love…

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