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How to Define the Relationship When You Are Dating a Chinese Girl?

If you are dating a Chinese girl for quite some time now, you must be already thinking of ways on how…

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What Really Happens to You When You Are in Love with A Chinese Beauty

Don’t we all love the feeling of being in love? The exciting and jittery feeling makes us want to do…

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7 Ways Chinese Dating Changes as We Get Older

Chinese dating all the way through young adulthood is completely different compared to when you are of older age. There…

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5 Signs That Your Chinese Date Isn’t Just a Summer Fling

If you found a Chinese date this summer and are wondering if you’re going to be with the same person in…

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First Chinese Date – What Should You Do For A Feel Good Factor?

Most first dates suck and people usually do not wish to meet each other ever again but sometimes cupid strikes,…

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Want to Be Dating a Chinese Girl? Create a Good Online Dating Profile First

If dating a Chinese girl seems like a distant and unrealistic dream, it’s probably because your online dating profile isn’t good…

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