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Why Men Love It When Russian Ladies Make the First Move

Times have changed a lot in today’s society, especially between genders. Women, Russian ladies for example, really have come a long…

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Drinking Alcohol On A First Dates: Why It Kills Your Dating Game With Russian Girls

Drinking an alcoholic cocktail on a first date. It seems as if everyone does it, from Russian girls to Ukrainian and…

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A research tells us why we’re attracted to certain Russian Girls not others, reasons are brilliant

Think about the kind of girls you’re attracted to.  Sure, you may have been attracted to your next door neighbour…

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Lovely Fountain pours out to bold Sea

A smile can say a million things but eyes will tell a billion of things. Intricate. Complex. Simplicity. Just perfect….

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Pussy Cat Doll Needs a Lover

The Greek decided that all baby girls born on Christmas day deserved to be named after this magical day. Well…

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