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How to Date Odessa Girls: When is it O.K. To Say, “I Love You”, in a Relationship?

In a country where smiling too much can get you locked up in a mental institution, it might be difficult…

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Cheating without sex: Infidelity in Ukraina dating

Ukraina dating offers the possibility of finding a lasting love and a satisfying relationship.  However, relationships come with their own…

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Research Reveals that People Get Fat In Relationships, But Not When You Are Dating These Ukrainian Women

A new survey has confirmed that being in a romantic relationship makes you gain weight (no surprises here, really, we’ve…

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Looks Aren’t Everything, Smart Is The New Sexy: Look For A ‘Sapiosexual’ Among Ukrainian Women

How many times did you hear the annoying and super-cliché phrase “Looks don’t matter, it’s what’s inside that counts”? You…

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3 Single Ukraine Ladies Looking For Love This Autumn

When you see Ukraine ladies who are single and overly passionate, you gotta give them some love. Because not doing so…

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A lazy afternoon with my Ukrainian “date” Anastasia

 If you have been reading articles about Ukrainian women on Love-sites. You would probably be very familiar with Anastasia. Today…

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