So this snippet from the many beautiful Chinese women profiles that you find on this site just caught your eye:

“I am outgoing and humorous. Life is just like a movie, everyone is the leading role in their own life, and here I want to find my hero in the rest of my life. I am full of passion every day. I like reading, playing the violin, which can help cultivate my inner beauty, I also like dancing and swimming, which help me keep fit and healthy. I want to find a kind man who can share happiness and sad things with me, are you the one who is willing to be my intimate friend first, then my lover, husband, soul mate in the future. Do you want to be my darling?”

You’ve sifted through a gazillion of profiles pictures of Chinese women and you decide to pick this one.

You’ve been doing the whole messenger things for a quite some time but you wanna pick it up a notch. You’d love and do want to connect. You’re in luck.

China video chat is the biggest thing happening right now. Dating in China is unique in many ways and not quite as simple and straight forward. Before you make that next big verbal gaffe that may break this sweet deal, on your potential Chinese wife take some tips and put them under your belt.

beautiful Chinese womeTip 1: Groom yourself. You’re on camera. Go get a nice haircut, shave or trim your beard and don’t forget to wear a nice simple shirt. Wear blue. Blue is the color of the sky and water and it represents a positive energy.

Tip 2. Exude confidence. Get comfortable. Talk clearly. Talk slowly and concisely. Let your personality show. Make it count. This may be your only chance to wow this beauty.

Tip 3: Don’t fake interest. These sexy China can spot you right away girls will spot you a mile away. Allow yourself to be sincere and she will follow suit

Tip 4: Learn some simple Chinese words. e.g. Wǒ juédé nǐ hěn wěidà – translates – I think you’re great! Wǒ xiǎng gèng liǎojiě nǐ – translates – I would like to get to know you better!

Tip 5: Be keen, attentive & knowledgeable. This particular China woman profile writes of her interests. Acknowledge that you noticed and ask her to elaborate. Ask her what province she’s from, what genre of music she listens to. Mention to her about architecture, museums and other intellectual interests. Make your conversations from her profile. She will notice and that’s a big turn on!

Tip 6: Compliment, compliment, compliment. Asian girls love approval; it is vital to them it very important to them. Acceptance goes along way and They have to feel accepted and throwing in some nice things about how her body looks will go a long way. Compliment her on her personality. Give compliments of something that she cares about. E.g. Chinese women will most likely have on their profiles some sort of musical ability always put in their dating profiles that they play a musical instrument. It’s almost a requirement in their culture, and they take pride in that and love to show off that capability. Compliment her on that achievement and she’ll be falling all over you.

Chinese womenTip 7: Don’t talk too much about yourself. Women in general talk more than men. And once you’ve broken the ice and complimented her she will want to go on and on about other areas in her life as well. Let her. But make sure you’re looking attentive.

Tip 8: Don’t over sell yourself with what you have and can give. Chinese women know that that is the man’s job no need to tell this. She’s expecting you to, dah?

Tip 9: Be spiritual about life, mother earth, nature. Trust me on this one.

Tip 10: Don’t try to be funny. Your sense of humor will fall on flat as one thing may sound unpleasant and derogatory offensive and off. Hold on to the comicalness and wit for a different time when you Save the humour for much later when you win her over.

Most Important Tip: Just be yourself and keep an open mind, put your best smile out there and go with the flow and I know definitely you will score big!


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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