May 16, 2022

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Thai Dating: Common Mistakes Older Men Make on APP

Thai dating
Thai dating is a way to connect you with beautiful Thai girls. Learn common mistakes that older men usually make on Thai dating app.

Dating in the modern world is exciting and a fun way to meet new people. There are several dating apps for men who are interested in Thai dating. Online dating has grown exponentially that in the US alone there are 49M people using dating apps.

If you are past the millennial age range, trying to find a mate through dating apps can be new territory. After all, you were used to meeting women in the real world in your younger days. 

However, dating apps can be exciting and very convenient as well. In just a click and swipe, you can meet Thai women seeking men to date. However, to be successful in online dating sites, you should be aware of dating new rules and how to present yourself on your profile. Avoid mistakes some older men make in dating apps.

1.Signing up on Shady Thai Dating Sites and Apps

Choose dating apps and sites that have a good reputation and are known for signing up real women. It is advisable to research the dating app you want to try. This will help you avoid shady websites that might just steal your information and you won’t get to meet any gorgeous local or beautiful Thai women.

Also, be cautious of online dating apps that ask for excessive personal information and whose member’s profiles look like they’re professionally done. Also, check if it is linked to other shady sites.

2.Lying About Your Age

In a society where being old comes with a negative perspective, you are more likely to be tempted to lie about your age. However, this should not be the case when you are trying to pursue beautiful Thai girls on dating sites.

Don’t say you’re 30 when you’re clearly past 50 already. Some men, on the other hand, take about 3-5 years off their age so they won’t be cut out by women who don’t want to date men of a certain decade. Both can come off as a disappointment if you come clean during your chats or when you meet them in real life.

Lying is definitely a turn-off and women don’t like to be lied to, especially early in the dating process. Girls from Thailand, just like other women, find lying acceptable.  Be proud of your age since it comes with stories and adventures that will interest your date. 

beautiful Thai girls

3.Unappealing Profile Pictures

Attraction is initially achieved through visual appeal.  Your profile is how women see you online, so it has to be the best version of you. Older men are known to take badly taken selfies and use them on their profiles. This is a no-no since it doesn’t reflect how you look and makes you look unattractive.

Post pictures with your genuine smile and make sure that you are having fun.  You can search online for style inspirations and see which one works for you. Your Thai dating app profile is your self-advertisement and you want to show your best to anyone who’s looking.

Furthermore, you should refrain from uploading group photos as it only makes women play the guessing game as they try to locate you in the picture. Also, if you want to win the heart of Thai girls, avoid uploading photos with the opposite sex since it makes you come off as a player. Furthermore, posting pictures of actors, animals, or cartoons rather than your actual picture looks shady. 

4.Trying Too Hard to do New Things

If you are looking to dating women, don’t try to impress them by pretending to like things you don’t know or like.  However, you don’t need to be negative about everything.

For example, if they like astrology and you don’t, just listen with an open mind and learn in the process.  When talking to foreigners like Thai singles, you can ask about their culture instead and don’t pretend to have visited the place. You don’t have to pretend or have a negative attitude about different things as this may come off as a red flag to your date.

Thai singles

5.Using Emojis

Of course, emojis is a great way to enhance communication and keep it interactive. However, you don’t want to start using emojis or modern abbreviations, especially if you are not familiar with their meaning.

Using emojis the wrong way on a Thai dating app is also likely to come off as pretentious to younger women. You can make light of the situation by learning it while getting to know the woman as well.

6.Not Following the Offline Rules of Thai Dating

If you finally meet someone on Thai dating sites, it is a wise idea to go back to the old-school way of dating and flirting while still being respectful, patient, and memorable. While you may have met on a dating site, it is important to advance your communication offline after knowing each other well on the dating site.

Be memorable with your opening lines to stand out in the sea of messages. Be unique, confident, and smart since these are qualities that women will like from older men. Don’t ask too many personal questions that you won’t ask someone if you meet them face to face.

If they don’t respond immediately, don’t flood their inbox and start demanding an answer. When asking to meet up, be patient if they are still hesitant, especially if it’s just a few days of chatting. 


Online Thailand dating makes it easier to meet beautiful women even if you are older. There are new rules of dating but the rules of being a gentleman will always apply. If you are an older guy looking to be successful on dating sites, always take note of the mistakes mentioned above and try to avoid them at all costs.