These Beauties Tell You Why You Should Date Chinese Women in Their 30s

You know what they say about women: 20s is usually associated with reckless lifestyle and breakups, but 30s is the perfect age to get married and start a family. That’s why so many Chinese women in their 30s sign up on Chinese online dating websites.

A woman in her 30s usually has had enough drama in her life. She knows what she wants in her life and she knows what she’s looking for in a man. She wants a mature man who will provide for a family, love her deeply and care for her.

Either because she was too focused on her career in her 20s or simply haven’t found true love in her 20s, a woman in her 30s is finally ready to find a committed relationship.

If you’re a mature man looking for Chinese women for marriage, here are 3 top beautiful Chinese girls in their 30s that are currently single on AsiaMe. Because 30s is exactly what you need.

Nico, 31

Chinese women for marriage

Like only a few other women among many single Chinese women on AsiaMe, Nico has so charming eyes it’s literally hard to resist looking at her and not falling in love.

This gorgeous Asian lady has devoted her entire life to business (she works as a manager at a local auto shop that sells imported cars: fancy!), which is why 31 is the perfect age to find true love and get married.

Needless to say, Nico has never been married, but she definitely knows how to make a husband want to return home every day. She is a caring Asian wife who would always keep a cozy atmosphere at home.

Nico is ready for a serious, committed relationship and she knows how to make a man (you!) happy. Nico is not one of those beautiful single women who chase only rich men.

In fact, this stunning angel says she doesn’t care if a man is poor or rich, as she’s a financially independent woman ready to settle down with true love.

If Nico is the girl you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to send her a message. Gorgeous Asian women in their 30s like this are like hot Starbucks coffee on cold nights: everybody wants them, and everybody is trying to get one.

Don’t blow your chance. Contact Nico today!

Anna, 30

beautiful single women

Anna may qualify as a young Chinese woman because, first of all, 30s is still young, and second of all, Anna looks like a girl in her early 20s (that’s the beauty of dating beautiful single women, who age gracefully).

This gorgeous brunette with long slim legs will definitely not stay single for a long time. Anna is a friendly woman who is warm-hearted and very smart. She also has a good sense of humor.

Another fascinating thing about Anna is that she’s a teacher, and she loves her job. One of the many benefits of dating a teacher is that she will be a very attentive and responsible wife (and isn’t it what men are looking for in a woman in her 30s?).

While Anna says she’s easy-going and a soft woman, she teases that she does punish bad or naughty students. If you’re a married to a strict female teacher, expect some really great role-play games in the bedroom!

Would you love to have a Chinese girl chat with Anna? Contact her ASAP if you’re a faithful, open-minded, serious and sincere man (extra brownie points for you if you love traveling, as this is Anna’s hobby).

Michelle, 36

Chinese girl chat

Michelle looks like the kind of girl most foreigners are looking for among Chinese women for marriage on Chinese online dating websites.

Even though Michelle is 36 (the perfect age to start a family for an Asian woman), she has never been married and has no kids. However, she surely knows what she’s looking for.

In fact, she put together a list of qualities she’s looking for in her future husband. This list includes: a man with a kind heart who doesn’t necessarily have to be handsome, rich and smart. A careful and gentle man who won’t make Michelle feel lonely, won’t spend nights at bar and will fight for a better life for family.

If home is the quiet harbor and you won’t make it unfree – and everything else on Michelle’s perfect-husband list sounds like you – get in touch with this Asian beauty today.

You don’t need to wonder how to meet single women in their 30s anymore, now that AsiaMe offers you to choose the most beautiful single women in their 30s.

But you aren’t the only one reading our weekly top 3 beautiful single women, which means you face competition (but if you’re a regular reader of our blog, you surely do know how to win over an Asian girl’s heart!).

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Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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