These Brittney Palmer’s Tips Will Help You Meet Asian Singles Online

If your attempts to meet Asian singles have been fruitless so far, you may want to take a step back and rethink your dating strategy. “But what am I doing wrong? And how do I improve my dating game to attract Asian women?” you might be wondering.

We suggest you learn from a very credible source of male attention – Brittney Palmer, whom you may also recognize under the name of the “Octagon Girl” or “the UFC girl.” Brittney has been approached by men more times than you can count, as she’s constantly under the spotlight.

Besides, Brittney’s undeniable beauty makes it impossible to resist the temptation to look at her when walking past her (even if you’re walking hand in hand with your girlfriend). Yes, that’s how beautiful she is!

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How Brittney Palmer Can Help You Meet Asian Singles

This past week, AskMen spoke with the Octagon Girl to find out more about her career as a model, UFC ring girl, and artist. Although Brittney is keeping herself busy, she knows quite a few dating tips that will help you be more successful when searching for Asian mail order brides on online dating sites.

By the way, did you know that most opposite-sex couples meet online now, while fewer and fewer people prefer meeting a girlfriend or boyfriend at work or through family or friends? That’s according to researchers from Stanford and the University of New Mexico.

Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer Shares Dating Tips with Men

Rumor has it that Brittney is currently single, which means any of you guys could have a chance to meet the Octagon Girl. That, of course, if you (a) live in New York City or (b) hang out on international dating sites.

And while not all of us were blessed to live in the United States, finding some good online dating sites is a relatively easy task. If Brittney isn’t your type, and you’re more of an Asian girlfriend dating type, don’t worry, dating sites have plenty of Asian ladies for you!

Still, it makes sense to listen to Brittney Palmer’s dating tips because she clearly knows what she’s talking about. After all, this 32-year-old girl has been approached by literally thousands of men both online and offline. And she’s seen all kinds of attempts to get her number: desperate, bad, disgusting, creative, and successful ones.

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First Date Tips from One of the Most Beautiful Girls

Beautiful women are always a credible source of first date tips to learn from. And given that we’re talking about Brittney Palmer, you can be certain that this beauty will give the most useful and practical tips to help you meet single Asian girls.

When asked by Sean Abrams, an author at AskMen, how to get past nerves on a first date, Brittney said that the key to mastering a first date with a girl is “being confident.” The UFC girl added, “have fun and be yourself.”

While being confident would definitely help master a first date with Asian party girls, you will also have to put an effort into getting to that stage. There’s a new study that could help you with that. If you want Asian ladies to go on a first date with you, you need to have an incredible dating profile.

According to a survey conducted by dating expert James Preece, do all of the following to improve the overall appearance of your dating profile:

  • Write jokes in your profile bio, better if they are sarcastic jokes;
  • Specify your height;
  • Feature a link to your social media account;
  • Include a full-length photo of yourself;
  • Keep your profile bio short;
  • Feature photos with pets; and
  • Don’t forget to smile in your photos.

More Dating Tips from Brittney

If you’re eager to take advantage of the fact that Brittney Palmer is single and try to find her on dating apps, you need to know that being “kind, funny and authentic” are the things that will get Brittney’s attention, according to Brittney herself.

When asked at what point she feels her sexiest, Brittney answered when painting in her studio covered in paint and listening to good music. Different types of Asian girls have different kinds of hobbies and interests. While not all of them may like painting or modeling, you should definitely keep in mind that it is important to let your girlfriend do whatever she likes as her hobby to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship.

Every one of us needs an activity or hobby to unleash our energy and recharge our batteries from time to time. Given that the vast majority of Americans have had a serious relationship originating from an online dating site, according to PC Mag, it’s safe to assume that Brittney is using dating apps, too, so there’s a chance that you could meet the Octagon Girl on international dating sites.

As you can see, dating isn’t science, but there are quite a few rules that you should follow to attract Asian women, especially if you’re using dating sites to meet your significant other.


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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