May 16, 2022

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Tips on How to Conquer Your Fear of Approaching Vietnamese Women

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You have probably spend a lot of research on how to talk to Vietnamese women you match from online dating sites. Nevertheless, even online, you still might have a fear of approaching women. Worry not because you are not alone.

Many guys also go through the same thing. Like you, they also go to Google. Your search will not be in vain this time because we rounded up practical tips to conquer your fear of approaching women. Here are some of them:

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Tip #1: Do not think that all women have the same standards

The movies, social media, the television, and society make us believe that hot Vietnamese women love wealthy men, men who went to college, men with buff bodies, good-looking men, or tall men. Of course, they will tell you they like men with these qualities. However, in reality, they look beyond those. To simplify, these can be a plus but not a priority for most of them.

In dating a Vietnamese girl, she can like any regular guy with good character. You will be surprised to learn that women who said they like rich men end up marrying men in the middle class. Do you see it? There is more to that quality they are looking for.

Your natural behavior is what will make you appealing to women. When done right, they will be more interested to know more about you. Even if you are not an expert when it comes to women, you have a chance.

Tip #2: Never underestimate the power of eye contact

When you approach someone you like, making eye contact is highly important. Just by looking at Vietnamese babes directly into their eyes, it can tell you a lot about them. This is something commonly overlooked by men. They do not attempt to make eye contact when they approach Vietnamese girls. It would be best if you got their attention through your eyes.

To train to make eye contact, you can practice looking at people into their eyes. Make sure that you hold your gaze for a couple of seconds. Moreover, make it smooth and natural. If you do not try to wink, people might feel scared of you. This will improve not only your eye contact skills but also your confidence.

You can learn that a girl is attracted to you by just looking at her eyes. There are many signs that you will see that she likes you. She may smile back at you, wink, or do the classic look down and smile responses.

Therefore, if you are out at a bar, you can put your glass up when you see her winking. If she raises her glass similar to proposing a toast, it is a surefire sign that she likes you. This is the perfect time to take that approach.

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Tip #3: Have confidence

Not only women but also men struggle with confidence. You have probably read or heard many times how important this is. However, saying you love yourself is indeed easier said than done.

Aside from presenting your self well physically, your body language plays a significant role in your confidence. Hot Vietnamese girls can determine how confident you are in the way you present your body language.

There are many effective ways to show your confidence in front of a girl when you are out on Vietnamese dating. The way you stand, sit, use hand gestures, and move your legs can make her feel how comfortable you are with yourself.

Also, your confidence shows when you touch or hold her. These actions can show that you can take control of your actions. Therefore, you do not need to have a very well-put-together appearance; you just need to look decent and show who you truly are. One of the reasons why Vietnamese girls prefer to date western men is because western men are generally more confident, they are natural.

To simplify, make an effort to perfect your confidence by being giving body language more importance when approaching women. It can be a big help to overcome your fear of making the first move.

Tip #4: Learn how to make fun of yourself

Vietnamese brides enjoy the company of a man who has a sense of humor. However, you do not need to be a comedian to do that. Some studies have reported that many women like it when men make fun of themselves because it shows their natural sense of humor.

Keep in mind to know what making fun of yourself. All the tips given here will not work if you do not try to figure them out. Since you draw attention to yourself through this kind of joke, you can make her more interested and charmed with you. You can also try to crack jokes about her. However, make sure that the jokes about her are positive and attractive.


If you want a Vietnamese mail order bride, you should not let the fear of approaching women get the best of you. Many men are shy, but they can overcome it because they want the chance to meet women. It is not easy, but you can do it by following the tips given.

To your surprise, you might be dating some wonderful Vietnamese girls a couple of months from now. You do not need to feel that you can get all the women you approach to like you. It is vital to get a girl attracted to you because you are comfortable showing your true self.