Tips on Overpowering Shyness with Asian Ladies

The dating game is both fun and nerve-wracking. The mystery of whom you’re going to be dating, not their identity but their personality, is just as thrilling as any other mystery can be, but it’s also one of the things that can keep you on your toes. For most people, dating is an adventure that is both enjoyable and a bit scary. For shy people, it’s just absolutely terrifying. This is why most shy people just opt to stay in the comfort of their home. It’s not that they’re anti-social. They want to socialize, but their shyness just gets in their way.

This is especially the case with Asian ladies who dream to be Asian brides. The continent is known to be one of the more conservative ones in the world. Its ways in dating are geared towards the traditional style. This fact can be a factor as to why they don’t outgrow their shyness.

Asian singles – yes, men and women alike –might need just the right kind of advice to help them in this tricky dating game.

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1) Change Your Outlook

You will have to change how you see things and your attitude towards them to have a better chance of making yourself less shy, especially when it comes to dating. You have to stop the what-ifs and look at the more positive outcome this may bring. That is not to say that you are oblivious of the warning bells. Being positive and being totally and intentionally naive are completely different things. This just means that instead of thinking that it may not work out, start thinking that the experience will give you something no matter what.

2) Give Yourself the Pep Talk

If you look at the mature Asian ladies, they seem to handle themselves pretty well. Even Asian men who are so sure of themselves seem able to handle anything that comes their way. You can bet that they give themselves the pep talk. Does it mean that you have to look straight at a mirror and make yourself a cheer song and dance? Well, if that works, why not. But, no, we don’t mean just that. It’s more than that. It’s not selling yourself short. There are things that others have that you don’t, but it’s a two-way street. People see you the way you let them see you, and people treat you the way you treat yourself and the way you let them. Be the number one cheerleader of yourself.

3) ‘Cause why not?

As the saying goes, “You will never know until you try.” It may be a cliché, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Even talking to an Asian woman online can be considered taking a chance. Another way to go about taking chances is actually stepping out of the house and going to places where you can meet numerous beautiful Asian ladies. You have got to shake off that voice telling you that it’s emotionally safer to stay in.

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4) Be Honest with Asian Ladies

Sometimes, getting the truth out and out of the way is the best way to start off something. Try telling your date about how shy you feel. Who knows, maybe your date is the same way. Won’t it feel liberating to just get it out of the way? Maybe even break the ice by joking about browsing through mature Asian women pics trying your luck in looking for Asian women or men to date with your high-flying confidence. Your date might just see the irony, well, laugh. If there’s another thing that is as sexy as confidence, it’s honesty.

5) Take A Breath

Go for it, yes, but don’t be impulsive. There’s a big chance that you’d get overwhelmed with all the changes you’re about to do. Take a step back, and take a breath. Analyze everything, but don’t over think. And most importantly, take a breath to compose yourself. Compose yourself before that Asian boyfriend or Asian girlfriend dating you’re about to start. Even in the midst of the date, when you find yourself palpitating because of that gorgeous person in front of you, just take a breath and stay composed.

6) Keep Your Back Straight

Despite how shy you feel inside, keep your back straight. Nobody wants to date someone who’s slouching, making them feel like they’re very boring to be with or that spending time with them is such a punishment. Slouching also indicates you are unsure of yourself or, at the very least, what you’re doing. Keep your back straight. It will make you feel surer of yourself no matter the outcome, and it will make your date feel more intrigued.

7) Give Yourself Credit

That person is spending time with you. Nobody wants to waste their time on someone not worth it. Aside from that, you are also giving that person your time. It’s as valuable as any other person’s time.


The sexiest thing in a person is their confidence. No matter what you know, no matter who you are, keep in mind that when you radiate your surrounding with just the right amount of confidence, it always attracts. (Read about Recommended Asian Dating Websites


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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