July 6, 2022


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Top Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for a Chinese Girl

Thanksgiving gifts for a Chinese girl
Thanksgiving 2020 is coming! What are the best gifts for your Chinese girl? Just read on to find the gift ideas.

Dating someone from a different country, like a Chinese girl, can sometimes be challenging, especially when you take into consideration the differences in culture. However, this doesn’t mean that cultural differences will prevent you from having a successful dating life.

Sharing common interests and putting effort into learning about each other’s culture can help you and the girl you’re dating overcome these differences. For example, one concept that is considered universal in all cultures is the practice of giving thanks.

In western countries like the US, celebrating Thanksgiving is a major occasion that’s celebrated across the country every year. It’s considered a time to reflect and be grateful for everything that’s happened during the year.
With that said, why not show the Chinese girl you’re dating your appreciation and gratitude with these Thanksgiving gift ideas?

Importance of Gift Giving in Chinese Culture

Gift-giving is a big deal in Chinese culture and not just in the Chinese dating scene. In the workplace, gifts are given when engaging in formal meetings with prospective clients and business partners as well as when meeting government officials.

They also give gifts to their colleagues when they undergo new milestones in their life such as getting married, having children, or buying a new house.

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They also give gifts during special occasions like birthdays, Chinese New Year, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Therefore, giving a gift to the girl you met in Chinese dating sites can be a great way to show her your appreciation and it’s a practice that anyone can appreciate, regardless of their cultural background.

However, make sure you make note of the items that Chinese people consider “taboo” to ensure you don’t experience a cultural faux-pas. Some of these are items that reflect the number four, sharp objects, clocks and watches.

This is because these items are considered bad luck and giving them to someone, whether it’s a Chinese friend or your Chinese wife, is considered disrespectful.

Top Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for Your Chinese Girl

Here are some of the top gift ideas you can give this Thanksgiving when dating Chinese women.

  • Items that Reflect Your Home Country’s Culture

When dating a Chinese girl, you can show her your appreciation and gratitude by giving her a gift that reflects your home country’s local culture. Whether it be a trinket that shows a significant landmark in your country or simply some of your local specialties, she will surely appreciate it.

This is particularly true if the item you’re giving her is hard to find or not easily accessible in China. Not only do Chinese people show great appreciation for items not readily found in their country, giving her a locally made item will show her your appreciation and efforts in sharing your own unique culture with her.

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  • Wine

Even if she doesn’t drink, the girl you met on a Chinese dating site will appreciate a bottle of fine wine. It’s an item that can serve as a great symbol for your gratitude and appreciation, especially during this special occasion.

Moreover, even if you don’t open it now, it’s an item that can be preserved for a long time and whose value only increases with age.

  • Tea

Tea is a beverage that’s deeply embedded in Chinese culture that many are well-versed in its preparation and qualities. It even plays a large role in Chinese marriage ceremonies, being considered as an indispensable part of the ceremony.

Not only is it used for almost anything – from medicinal to simply an after-meal beverage, but it can also represent several aspects of their life.

Therefore, if you want to show the Chinese girl you’re dating your appreciation and gratitude, tea is a great gift to give her during Thanksgiving, especially if you put the effort and time into researching the kind of tea you’re giving her.

  • Perfumes

Perfumes can be a great way to show your gratitude and affection because not only is it versatile and can be used every day but also because it shows you put a great amount of effort and thought into the gift.

Choosing a scent you think they might like means you considered their preferences and tastes during your search. Moreover, it shows them that you were thinking of them, especially if the scent you chose reminded you of them.

Aside from this, perfumes are a popular gift item for special occasions because they are something that people generally don’t buy that often.

Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a large and special occasion in western countries, and giving gifts is a common practice. Giving gifts to their loved ones allow them to show their appreciation and gratitude for those persons, especially during that time of the year.

Similarly, gift-giving is an important practice in Chinese culture, especially during big occasions and the holidays. Giving a gift to Chinese mail order brides can be a great way to show them one’s appreciation and gratitude.

However, it’s vital that you carefully consider the item you will give as a gift as cultural differences can lead to you making a cultural faux-pas. The above Thanksgiving gift ideas are some of the options you can choose when giving a gift to a Chinese girl.

The idea of showing someone your gratitude and appreciation is something that’s universal to all cultures and can be a way to transcend cultural differences, especially when dating someone.