What Attracts Women to Men: 7 Things She Looks For in Chinese Dating

What Attracts Women to Men: 7 Things She Looks For in Chinese Dating

From time to time you might have wondered what attracts women to men. This is an important question consider especially in Chinese dating. Generally, sexy Chinese girls are by nature designed to want men. However, they do not just go for any Tom, Dick, and Harry. Rather, they crave for a man who satisfies their inner desires and lives up to their expectations.

There are specific traits which men display and make women fall head over heels for them. Read on to learn what attracts women to men.

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#1: A special connection

For starters, Chinese women are known to fall in love deeply. They are some of the most loyal. When they get attracted to you, this is a relationship you can direct as you want. However, before she is attracted to a man, she must have chemistry with him.

By chemistry, we mean that there ought to be some kind of connection. And we are not talking about the kind that is seen in movies. Here, they look for something as simple as being able to hold a conversation with you or whether or not they feel free sharing something. There isn’t much you can do about this apart from meeting the right person. When that happens, the connection will just be there.

#2: Financial stability

Let’s face it, every relationship needs money. By nature’s design, it is the man who will be looked at most of the time to provide the money. She will want to be taken out on dates and given lots of gifts, even if they are not too expensive. All of these cannot be done by a man who is not financially stable.

Before you set out to look for traditional Chinese women, make sure that you have taken care of your financial position. You do not need to be filthy rich. Just make sure that you have a source of income so that she knows that she can rely on you at all times.

#3: Emotional presence

As a man, you probably grew up being told that you have to buck up and that being manly entails being stoic. This is a real fact given that the kind of world we live in involves the woman looking up to you as the man. But then, she also wants you to be there emotionally. As she tells you about an exciting moment in her life, she will need you to listen to her.

Being emotionally present also entails being responsive. When the Chinese girl friend texts or calls you, it is prudent that you respond as soon as possible or keep her updated that it might take longer before you respond.

date a Chinese girl#4: Adventure and excitement

If you are a fun-loving person, then you already understand how to date a Chinese girl. The woman wants to see you as an adventurous and exciting person, the kind who would take an extra mile to make the relationship fun.

You must challenge her perspective and let her challenge yours as well. Be open to new experiences as you develop new ways of thinking and invite her to do so. Intellectual stimulation makes her see you as a mysterious person every time you share with her something she didn’t know.

#5: Open your inner doors

It is hard to start building a relationship with someone who isn’t ready to let you into their inner demons. Whether good or bad, you must let her see what is inside you. Do not pretend as though you do not have anything to say. The truth of the matter is that we all have something to hide. It could be a biting ex who can’t let you go or that one thing you have always been afraid of.

The moment you open up to her, she sees you as a normal human who has vulnerabilities of his own kind. This realization creates in her the feeling to help you overcome your challenges. As that happens, a strong bond is built which is sure to see you two through a lot.

#6: Have a passion and let her into it

Handsomeness lasts only for a while until the next handsome prince comes along and she directs all her attention to him. So what will intrigue her and set you apart from the thousands of men pursuing her? Well, single women dating requires that you have some passion in which she feels to be a part of it.

There is nothing as sexy as a man who is intelligent, has goals, knows what he wants, and draw a clear guideline on how this will be achieved. As you evaluate Chinese women vs Japanese women, strive to also become a passionate man. When she asks you “how your day was”, you will have something to share because each day you strive towards something.

#7: Be protective

It is non-negotiable that women want to be with someone whom they feel safe. As you stare at that Chinese beautiful girl photo, keep in mind that she will not need a reason to be defensive because she has you. When she is around you, she will want to know that she is okay.

The need for women to feel protected has nothing to do with how powerful she is at the workplace or even ability to hire police protection of her own. As long as you are her man, you are the number one source of protection. Live up to the expectation and you will always have an edge in Chinese mail order brides.Asian Singles,Philipino girls,


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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