May 16, 2022

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What gift should you give your Chinese woman on the first date?

beautiful Chinese girls

Gift giving is one aspect of a relationship you should not ignore if you are thinking of Asian dating. The thrill that comes from gift giving is general among women across all races. The easiest way to put a smile on the face of Chinese women is to surprise them with gifts. Not only is this good for your relationship, it is a vital part of Chinese culture.

Chinese women dating foreign men will often not ask them for gifts. This is because of their reserved nature. Asking of gifts by girls from their boyfriends is considered being cheap. This is the more reason why foreigners who have Chinese girlfriends should take their time to learn about Chinese culture. She won’t wait for long for you to give her gifts and the man who knows the right thing to do will snatch her away before long.

A lot of sentiment is attached to gift in China and if you have for one reason or the other ever been to China you will understand this. This makes it difficult for you to choose the best gift to give her on the first date. A gift that is too cheap may send the wrong message. Cheap gifts are often translated by beautiful Chinese girls to mean that the guy doesn’t love her enough to hold on to her for long.

Unlike westerners who like to outgrow their real age in mind, Chinese ladies would prefer to act like a child even in her mid-twenties. A teddy bear will be much appreciated by her for a first date gift. A Chinese girl looking for love will appreciate a gift as small as a casing for her phone. If a Chinese girl blushes and thanks you unendingly for gifts that seem very small, she is indirectly sending you a signal that she is just looking for someone that would love and care for her.

This gesture of gift for Chinese girlfriend should not be mistaken to mean buying her heart, to her, it is a part of the custom that she expects the man to fulfill if he is really serious about marrying her. China ladies for marriage take the act of gift giving because it shows how far the man is willing to with her. If you are accustomed to Chinese girls, you would easily realize that they are very traditional (exception of those who have had a wide and prolonged western exposure). Treating her tradition with respect, to her, means that you will treat her with respect too.

The advent of online dating has changed this part of dating a Chinese lady. Not many men who go for online dating take time to learn Chinese tradition but luckily for them, they can get away with it because of the distance and the medium through which the dating is perpetrated.

Chinese girls online know it is difficult for their date to keep sending them gifts and would easily forgive them if they don’t send at all. However, if you are dating a Chinese lady online and truly want to impress her, you can send her gifts in the form of lovely pictures.

One thing that is very important when giving gifts is the frequency. Some guys would want to impress their date that they would buy them very expensive gift only once. She will wait fruitlessly for another and get frustrated. It is better to surprise her with a small gift every now and then than buying one expensive gift and never doing it again.