What is the cost of Chinese mail order bride?

Chinese mail order brides have become extremely popular in recent times. Aside from looking gorgeous, mail order brides from China are virtuous, hardworking, caring and not afraid to bear kids. This is why many American and European men are searching overseas for that special someone. But what exactly is the cost of Chinese mail order brides? Frankly, there is no clear-cut response to that question. Several factors will have to be taken into consideration. You may have to pay for airfare, visas, accommodations and even a translator. It will largely depend on what your expectations (and that of the bride) are, as well as how frequently you visit the Chinese lady before bringing her to your country.
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International Marriage Agency Membership

Dating sites ranges from free to $100 a month in fees. However remember that what you’ll pay will depend upon your expectations. A site that offers free services will offer less compared to a paid dating website.

Free International Dating Websites

You can select from a wide variety of free dating websites. Nevertheless, remember that what you pay for is what you get. Also, while some sites are legit, it appears the free membership websites are the ones that have more fake profiles on them. Thus, if you decide to use free dating websites, you will need to do research as well as due diligence in order to avoid scams.You can meet a beautiful Chinese single on a free dating website however your search may be somewhat laborious and you will have to be extremely cautious. Also, do not send money to individuals you’ve never met in person and always protect your identity.

Chinese mail order bride

Paid Dating Websites

If you are looking to establish a meaningful, serious relationship with a Chinese mail order bride, then you should consider registering with a paid dating website. Even though you have to pay for the service, paid dating websites provide better and more advanced features compared to the free alternatives. Some sites will require a sign up fee of only $15; however you might wind up paying a lot more in chat fees. This is because all correspondence with the Chinese mail order bride must be done via the site’s chat system (with the aid of their translators), and this may attract a per minute cost.chinese girlfriend

Some sites have a three tier membership arrangement which includes Silver, Gold and Platinum. With the Platinum membership plan (which can cost up to $100 per month), you will be given unlimited access to all profiles of registered ladies on the website. Also, you will not be required to utilize the site’s internal chat arrangement, thus you can use Skype and other free options whilst getting acquainted with your new love.

Communicating With Mail Order Brides China

Getting a communication going is the next step after you have met a woman via one of the online dating websites. There are several different ways to accomplish this however
your choice will depend on many factors including: whether the mail order bride from china speaks your language and whether she has access to the World Wide Web. You can communicate with the lady through the dating agency’s chat system, text messages, telephone calls, as well as free options like Skype.

If you opt to use the dating agency’s chat system, you may have to pay up to 70 cents/minute, as this might include using a translator. Communicating through Phone call is an excellent option because international calling is
getting cheaper and cheaper. International texting can cost as much as fifty cents per text. Furthermore, you will most likely want to visit yo
ur new woman and make preparations for her to move to your country. Also, there is the cost of getting her a visa as well as her travel expenses and the cost of having a wedding.

All these costs can add up. From experience, you can expect to pay anywhere from USD $3500 to $30,000 from registering with an agency to getting your new Chinese bride to your country. The cost of mail order brides China can seem high; however a Chinese mail order bride can be the wife you have
always been searching for.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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