What Really Happens to You When You Are in Love with A Chinese Beauty

Don’t we all love the feeling of being in love? The exciting and jittery feeling makes us want to do things that we could not think that we can do in the first place. Falling in love with a Chinese beauty makes us want to change ourselves for the better; for some, they decide to undertake a transformation just so they could please their partners.

When you are in love with a Chinese girl, there are going to be days when you are not yourself. You may be too much in a daze that you will become too clumsy or even enthusiastic about doing the tasks that you feel that are not worthy to tackle before. You get excited every morning to receive their messages and seeing them is always a day to look forward to.

meet Chinese ladiesFalling in love emits the hormone Oxytocin, which is responsible for producing the feeling of happiness. It is also known as a “love hormone” and is released when people embrace or cuddle each other. Oftentimes, you may be feeling confused if what you are feeling is still normal because you might become too clingy for some reason or even too protective of your pretty Chinese woman.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss different things that happen to you when you are in love with someone:

You Happen to Miss Them Always

Have you experienced falling for someone that even if it was just a few minutes ago that they left, you immediately miss them? Well, that is how it is when you are in love. You may even be the first one to send her a message stating that you miss her already. It is perfectly fine; add to that, single Chinese women find it sweet when the man they are into can’t seem to get enough of their presence.

You Can’t Stop Staring at Your Partner

single Chinese women

Being fascinated with your partner is normal and having someone that you could not believe will soon be your partner is indeed a dream come true. You may have fallen for her smile and her little quirks, and there may be instances where you will accidentally view pictures of Chinese women but all you can see is your partner. Isn’t it a good thing that she is finally yours?

You Are Slowly Changing

It is up to you whether it is for the good or the bad, but most of the time, people in love can’t distinguish that they are indeed changing. You suddenly think about what to wear on your date and if it flatters you (because you need to look good!) and you constantly check if your breath still smells okay or if you need to take the toothbrush with you. All the littlest details will pop up in your head regarding your image that you will just start to laugh at yourself for being so conscious. And this is okay as in the Chinese dating culture, you need to be at least presentable anyway, if not perfect.

You Will Feel (Kind of) Obsessed

There will come a time where you will see yourself checking her social media accounts, trying to explore everything about her past and seeing if her relatives are kind and approachable or how good looking and smart her ex-boyfriend is. Also, your focus will be on your girlfriend most of the time when you are feeling obsessive that somehow you may forget to take care of yourself and prioritize what needs to be done in your life. Remember to limit your obsession and not go to a point where you have to constantly check on her or worse, her phone. Privacy is still important for both of you, and you have to trust your partner while doing that.

You Love Re-reading Your Old Conversations

Chinese bridesIt could be one of the best things that modern technology gave to us. We are able to keep the messages without the hassle of checking if the letters are still intact or if the years have already distorted the writings on the paper. Re-reading old conversations will be a treat now that you are already in a relationship with the girl of your dreams. You may have known your girlfriend in a China Video chat, but the conversations that happened after always makes you giddy and happy.

You See Yourself Marrying This Person

You do not go into a serious relationship without thinking this way, and you may have been planning already about that special day and searching about Chinese brides on the internet in your free time. When you are absolutely in love, you do all these silly things that you thought could not happen and will not happen to you. Now that you are in this euphoric state of mind, it feels as if there is a burst of never-ending sunshine and rainbows. You are finally taking the leap and thinking about your future with this girl.


Having a special someone that takes care of you and looks after your well-being is a great feeling. They say it is easy to fall for someone but, in reality, there is more to it than the physical looks and attitude. Both of you need to be compatible with each other and put effort into the relationship to make it work. However, if you are still not in a relationship, searching for how to date a Chinese girl can help you start your romantic journey and finally find the girl of your dreams.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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