What Vietnamese Women Don’t Like About Summer: How to Spend a Summer Date with an Asian Girlfriend

Most Vietnamese women who’ve been to Europe or the U.S. (or have seen summer pics of Western Insta-girls on Instagram) have accepted the fact that they cannot spend summer the way Westerners do.

Believe it or not, the way Western people spend their summer is drastically different from the way Asian people spend theirs. So, when picking an activity and place for your summer date with a Vietnamese lady, it’s important to take her preferences into consideration.

But before we jump into our practical tips for your summer trip or date with an Asian girlfriend, let’s make sure that we’re on the same page about what Asian people don’t like about the Western way of spending summer (i.e., partying, suntanning, swimming, etc.).

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11 Reasons Why Asian Women Don’t Like Summer (the Way Westerners Do)

As you’ve guessed, not all Asians like summer. In fact, most hot Vietnamese girls don’t like summer. Here’s are the things that Asians hate or dislike the most about summer:

  1. They fear the hot summer sun. Asian girls are taught by their mothers and grandmothers to take good care of their skin to maintain fair skin complexion. Most Asian women are afraid of tanning and turning dark.
  2. They hate hot air on their skin, which is why you might often see Asian women carrying umbrellas when it’s sunny (to protect them against both sun rays and hot air).
  3. They don’t like the humidity (many hot Vietnamese girls spend most of their lives in hot, humid parts of Vietnam or other Asian countries, which is why dealing with humidity isn’t the most exciting thing for them).
  4. They don’t like it when their cheeks turn red, which is a natural reaction many Asian people have when the weather heats up (Westerners think it’s cute, but Asian girls admit that it can be painful and cause discomfort).
  5. They don’t understand how Western women can lie on their towels or sunbed with their sunglasses on for hours on end. Most beautiful Vietnamese girls are brought up by parents telling them to stop wasting time and sitting around (which is why many of them can’t just lie down and stay still even for 10 minutes; besides, why would your Asian girlfriend want to lie down in the sun if she doesn’t want to tan?).
  6. Speaking of sunglasses. Asian girls don’t like the fact that wearing sunglasses in the sun gives them panda eyes (which is why you might often see Vietnamese women wearing both a farmer hat and sunglasses).
  7. Most Asian women don’t like to swim, and many are afraid of swimming in rivers, oceans, and (especially) jumping off bridges into water. However, your Asian girlfriend will most likely walk into the water to pose for Instagram pictures.
  8. Many hot Vietnamese women are uncomfortable wearing bikinis or being half-naked in public, which makes those beach-related activities quite problematic.
  9. Most Asians don’t feel comfortable that they are the only ones carrying an umbrella to protect them from the sun and heat when all those Western girls have nothing but a tiny bikini on them.
  10. They don’t like the fact that they cannot drink beer or alcoholic cocktails without getting too drunk too soon (also, drinking alcohol causes those red cheeks that we’ve discussed earlier).
  11. Although Asians love BBQ as Westerners do, they don’t like the fact that it requires multiple showers to wash off that BBQ smell from their hair.

Vietnamese ladyHow to Spend a Summer Trip or Date with an Asian Girlfriend?

Okay, so does it mean my Asian girlfriend will hole up at home and hide from the sun and miss out on all the fun summer activities?” you might be wondering. Not necessarily, though you should definitely plan your summer trip or date accordingly if you’re into Vietnam dating.

First of all, going on a date in summer doesn’t necessarily have to be outdoors, does it? If you’re a huge fan of fresh air, however, consider spending a date outdoors but with a rooftop that covers you from all the heat and sun.

Take a walk in a park where the trees would protect your Asian girlfriend from direct sun rays. If you’re planning to go on a picnic and grill meat together, make sure that your girlfriend stays farther away from the fire and smoke (so that she doesn’t have to spend hours trying to wash off that BBQ smell from her hair).

If you’re planning to drink alcohol together, pace yourself and don’t pressure her into drinking more. Let her be in control of how much she drinks so that she doesn’t complain that she’s tipsy or hungover (or that her cheeks turned red).

A nice gesture any Vietnamesingle girl would appreciate is if you would carry an umbrella for her so that she stays protected from the sunrays when walking together (the gesture will definitely trigger an “aww” response from her).

If you’re going on a summer trip with your Asian girlfriend and you cannot imagine the trip without the beach and tanning, make sure you pick a spot where your girlfriend will be comfortable (preferably, on a sunbed under a big beach umbrella).

Also, when booking a hotel room, apartment, or an Airbnb, make sure the room or house is equipped with air conditioning and fans. In Viet dating, Asian women can’t handle the heat the way Westerners can, even indoors, so air conditioning would definitely help.



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