July 6, 2022


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Which Women are Cuter – Chinese Women or Korean Women?

cute Chinese girl
Asian women are becoming very popular in online dating industry these years. However Chinese women and Korean Women, who will you choose?

Online dating sites indicate that Western men highly desire and are attracted to Asian women. Of course they are! Asian women are stunningly beautiful and exotic.

Who is considered the cutest – the hottest – the sexiest? Chinese women or Korean women? Sure it may come down to personal taste but is there a definitive answer? We’ll explore the various differences with regards to physical appearance, geographical impact, lifestyle, temperament and societal / cultural values below.Cute Chinese girls

Some Korean women look Chinese and some Chinese women look Korean. However there are certain general physical attributes that distinguish them from one another. Chinese women tend to have larger eyes and bigger noses than Korean women that obviously have smaller eyes, smaller noses and often rounder faces.

Chinese women, due to the sheer size of China typically have a more ethnically diverse appearance than Korean women which can make them appear more glamorous and exotic – cuter! Chinese girls from the north are often fair-skinned with those girls from the south more often having dark-skin. Korean women although definitely very cute are generally of one ethnic stock, meaning that they are all similar in their looks and genetic makeup.

Chinese women also usually have more cultural diversity than Korean women since every region in China speaks a unique dialect and also boasts different cuisines in each region. Both Korean and Chinese women are typically interested in higher education and do well in classical music.

Korean girls

Koreans generally bond with each other possessing a specific cultural pride that Chinese generally do not have. Due to their strong sense of cultural pride Korean women are usually marry within their own race whereas Chinese women are typically more open minded having less insularity within their culture.

Christianity is widely practiced (40%) in Korea whereas only 10% of China is Christian although due to sheer volume of the Chinese population there are plenty of female Chinese Christians. Many Western men follow the Christian faith and choose Chinese women that are happy to marry a westerner.

The Chinese Versus Korean Style Debate!

This is where things get interesting regards who is cuter? Cute Chinese girls from the city are usually very stylish to middle of the range whereas mainland / rural cute Chinese girls have more of a simple, understated style. Cute Korean women on the other hand are quite pedantic (having a major focus – preoccupation) about their appearance including looks and fashion! Plastic surgery is an absolute huge business in Korea as is consumer materialism including designer labels and a prestigious lifestyle. Define cute? Real or manufactured?

Korea is renowned for funky hip K-pop music (Gangnam Style by Psy) and soap operas whereas China is well regarded for cinema and movies. Chinese tastes are more refined than Korean in this aspect.

Chinese girls just may be considered cuter than Korean girls due primarily to a large diversity of unique looks that are incredibly attractive. Likewise their culture is one of humility and a sense of realness in comparison to Korea which is also translates to cuter.

Which girl is perfect for you comes down to personal taste and undoubtedly both Korean women and Chinese women are truly beautiful. It’s best to find a reputable online dating site and search for your very own Asian princess.chinese girlfriend