White Knight Syndrome Ruins Your Dating Success: Find Out if You Have It

Oh, all that shining blinds our eyes! Is it you, in your shiny knight armor? No, it’s you being too much of a ‘good guy’ and your ego shining through. modern Chinese woman If you consider yourself a good guy – or even a white knight who wants to save some modern Chinese woman and be her ‘hero’ – we have bad news for you. You may have the white knight syndrome. Before you freak out, don’t worry. Half of the guys have that. But if you want to improve your game at Asian dating and really find the Chinese lady of your dreams, brace for some harsh truth. Being a white knight SUCKS, at least in the 21st century it does. Chinese lady

Why White Knight Syndrome is Killing Your Dating Game

Cavemen killed one another and were providers and protectors to get the ladies. Medieval guys sweated their asses of to train how to ride horses and fight with swords to impress women. Your grandfather probably read poems, sang serenades and had to get a decent job to pick up your grandmother. But the times have changed, and so have the rules of dating. In the 21st century, you don’t have to fight dragons, ride horses or murder other fellas to date Chinese girl. All you need to be successful at dating Chinese girls is simply stop trying too hard to impress a modern Chinese woman. That white knight syndrome, when you think you need to save the lady (from either herself or others), protect her and just be the ‘good guy’ overall, is killing your chances at dating Asian ladies.

Why a Modern Woman Doesn’t Want a White Knight?

Ever wondered why every modern Chinese woman – and actually all girls regardless of her ethic group, for that matter – wants to be dating a bad guy? That’s because bad guys don’t do any of that stuff that guys with the white knight syndrome do. Sure there are some girls you seen on those pictures of Chinese girls that crave to be saved and to have a man in shiny armor come rescue her. But being saved by a white knight doesn’t necessary mean living happily ever after. And many Asian ladies start realizing that now. Think about all those fairy tales your parents used to tell you when you were a child: some knight in his shiny armor comes to rescue a damsel in some dark tower. And once he does, they ride off into the sunset. That’s the end of the story. That may be the end of a fairy tale, but that’s never the end of a real life story. Because once you ‘rescue’ a Chinese lady, you can come across some really unpleasant things that you didn’t expect. That may happen if your intentions of saving your 21century-damsel weren’t clear to both you and her. Here are the most common things that drive your white knight syndrome and you should get rid of:

You Want Attention

It’s natural to be enjoying the sympathy you get from people around whenever you try something and it fails. If your only intention of ‘rescuing’ a modern Chinese woman are to be able to tell stories people afterwards and – if your relationship fails after you get together – make people feel sorry for you, then you may be dealing with the white knight syndrome.

You Want to be A Town Hero

But what if it doesn’t fail? Whenever you save a girl, it feels good that people will notice that and applaud you in adoration for saving her, right? And if this is your sole intention of saving someone, it 95% of the times means that you don’t care about the girl you’re saving. Being called a hero is cool, but saving someone just to be called one is not.

You Want Her to ‘Owe’ You

Sure, whenever someone rescues you, you feel like you owe that person. If you’re being a white knight only for the purpose for her to be grateful forever, you’ll most likely be trying to get one-sided love through your heroic actions, not because you love that girl. That’s actually quite selfish.

You Want More Power Over Her

If you go on online dating Chinese site to browse through Chinese beautiful girls pics and start wondering “how do I get the upper-hand with any of these girls?” stop right there. You’re doing the whole thing wrong, or you’re simply having the white knight syndrome. If you rescue a girl and she sees you as her hero, you’ll most likely want to have more power over her. While not all Asian ladies like to be in a submissive position, trying to show off your power will most of the times get you nowhere. A true love needs to be equal, and neither of the partners should have the upper-hand in a relationship.

You Want Her to be With You to Appease You

If you’re saving a Chinese lady just to ‘use’ her and for her to appease you forever or to simply be dependent on you, you’re dealing with the white knight syndrome. If you only rescue a girl for her to be with you and think that you’re the only thing that keeps her alive and safe and this world, you may want to think twice before you do that. This is, again, selfish to save a girl just to have her dependent on you for the rest of her life.

You’re Trying to Save YOURSELF

Speaking of being dependent on someone… You most likely have the white knight syndrome if you’re looking for a co-dependent relationship. If you see saving a girl as your way to save yourself, you’re entering a tricky territory here. First of all, trying to win over a girl by saving her when you desperately want her won’t get you far in a relationship. Co-dependent relationships never end well. Second of all, if you’re saving a girl just because you want to save yourself, you’re no white knight. But you do have the white knight syndrome.


Victoria Young is a Chinese woman who blogs about dating chinese woman and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Chinese-Western relationship.

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