May 16, 2022

International dating advice for men seeking foreign brides

Why Chinese women are better than Japanese

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Asian girls are great. However, some Asian girls are better than other. Out of all Asian women, Chinese girls are a much better choice for a foreigner than, say, the Japanese. Let’s figure out why Chinese women are better than Japanese.

Chinese women are generally very curious about other cultures and even though they don’t necessarily know a lot about the Western world, they are always happy to hear a Westerner telling them about his country, culture and traditions.

Japanese women, on the other hand, believe that they live in the world’s greatest country. Moreover, many Japanese girls are brought up thinking that marrying a Western man is a disgrace, which is why if you are a Western man seeking a Japanese woman, she will most likely not be interested in hearing how you spend your time at home.

If you want a woman who is eager to please you and is always glad to be in your company, put a ring on a Chinese woman. Chinese girls are very considerate and well-behaved, they listen to their men and show a genuine interest in their partner. Japanese women, on the other hand, rate their values higher than Chinese women. Most Japanese girls prefer dates where they’d talk for at least 70% of the time.

Any while both Chinese and Japanese girls are equally shy, there is one thing that many Western men have noticed when dating Japanese women. Most of the times, Japanese women act shy, since in their society it is acceptable for a woman to be shy. In their private lives, behind closed doors, Japanese women are often way too different.

A Chinese girl will love you like no other woman can. Chinese girls stick close to their families, while Japanese girls tend to spend as little time with their families as possible. This fact alone says a lot about faithfulness and loyalty to the ones Chinese women love.

Chinese women don’t need to spend ages on their make-up – they are naturally beautiful. With natural beauties you always know what you are getting. Japanese women, on the other hand, seem to have an obsession with make-up. Thus, a Japanese girl can look like another person without make-up in the morning. And make-up is not the only obsession of the Japanese, but also clothing. If a Japanese girl cannot choose what dress to wear on a date with you – although she has thousands of dresses in her closet – she will most likely ask you to buy a new one or either she won’t go on a date with you.

Last but not least – sex. Chinese women are more open-minded than the Japanese when it comes to sex. Even though China tries to create an image that the country is not interested in sex (which is funny given the population number), behind closed doors Chinese women are quite adventurous about sex and are interested in everything that has to do with sex.

The thing is that Chinese girls know very little about sex, and their perception of sex is mostly limited to either talking about it with their girlfriends or watching porn. So basically, if you are a Western man, a Chinese girl will most likely be interested in learning all about sex from you.