Why do men prefer Asian women for marriage:

To all the Asian women who are looking for husband; men prefer you over white women. It is a known fact that Asian women are beautiful, smart, hardworking and really really sexy. Women all over the world have started following fashion trends of Asian women because of the rate of preferences men show when it comes to these slanting-eyes beauties. But why else do men prefer Asian women for marriage?

1.They are exotic:

They are different. No man likes monotony and Americans are full of it. So when a man sees an Asian lady looking for marriage, he seriously considers it without having second thoughts because she is exotic. They seem to have come from an altogether different world. An unusual look is always interesting and attractive. Men want to have something that few have because that is their basic nature so having an Asian wife is like having a very beautiful and sexy trophy.

Asian wife2.They are beyond beautiful:

Their tiny features and smooth, flawless skin is another feature that sets them apart from other women of the world. They have naturally toned skin and that perfect hourglass figure that men die for. Their walk is slower and their slender bodies are what drive men crazy and make them fall head over head over heels for them.

3.They are sensitive:

Due to the sense of freedom and independence, usually women across the world think that if a woman listens to her guy and lives according to his wishes then she is weak. Well this is not the case. Asian women especially are too sensitive towards their man. They are tender and loving and want to please their man which is a trait found in very few origins of the world. Sometimes this sensitivity is what wins the men over and they take these real life dolls into marriage.

4.They age so slow:

One of the many positive traits, this one is the strongest. Asian women seem to age slow and do not appear old even when they are in their late 50s. They do not need to have surgeries but they have those amazing genes that keep them young for so long. They have the natural tendency to stay healthy and remain active throughout life which keeps them fresh and vibrant.

5.They have integrity:

Asian womanAn Asian woman will never go back to your home after a date just because she can’t say no to your subtle invitation to sleep with her. They set limits and show you that if you want them then you have to get them through fair means because as much as the media portrays, they are not sex slaves or toys.

6.They love whole-heartedly:

An Asian woman in love is the best thing in the whole world. If she really loves you she will give you all the happiness that is imaginable on this planet. Physical beauty and emotional tenderness are only two examples. When you combine all the individual exotic, unique and mesmerizing characteristics of Asian women, you will get a full package that matches with the ideal image of 99% of men on this earth.

7.They make settling easier:

She can be very tolerant and will never bug you about your previous relationships. She’ll make your home worth living and will bring joy in your life with her understanding and innocent nature. The nature of Asian girls is so versatile that they can be tender at one moment and the other moment they could be discussing economics with you.


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