Why does a Vietnamese girl want to date a western man?

The practice of Vietnamese girl marrying internationally goes back to many centuries. As early as the Vietnam War and colonial period, you will find these beautiful girls married to Europeans. However, since the dawn of the 21st century, there has been a sharp rise in this practice. More Viet women are married and living with their husbands in foreign countries. At this point, you might be tempted to ask, ‘What is so special about Viet girls that will make foreign men want to go through the troubles of international marriage?”

It is no longer a secret that Vietnamese women are among the most loyal people in the world. Their deep sense of commitment to family and strong will to contribute economically makes them the dream of every man. Most men hate it when their authorities are questioned or when they can’t trust their wife to stay faithful. Also, with the changing economic outlook around the globe, most men don’t want to be overburdened with shouldering the family responsibilities alone—not to mention that Viet girls are less materialistic. These qualities are becoming increasingly difficult to find among girls in Western countries.

Beautiful Vietnamese girlsNevertheless, the economy of Western countries is still far better than what is obtainable in Vietnam. Beautiful Vietnamese girls are aware of this. With the rise in unemployment and the shrink in the economy, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to leave the country. For these girls, marriage to western men seems like an easy path to a more certain life. In the end, it is a win-win for both parties. Beyond the economy, there are other reasons why a hot Vietnamese may be willing to date western men—unfortunately, they are not always mentioned.

It has something to do with adventure

Hot Vietnamese girls may look quiet, but they have a livelier and adventurous spirit compared to girls in other Asian countries. They want to travel around the world and sunbath on the cozy Caribbean beaches or waving at the Kenyan wildlife in a safari. Well, Vietnamese men are also conservative and mostly not a fan of these activities. Western men, on the other hand, love adventure. The shared interest is often the reason why she will be willing to date and marry a western man.

The gentleman attitude of western men

Vietnamese womenEvery lady wants to be treated like a lady. When it comes to showing love and affection, no one does it better than western men—and it is these small gestures that matter most to a Vietnamese lady. No doubt, some of these opinions these girls have formed about relationship are picked from Korean drama series. Therefore it is not surprising that if you go through recent statistics on Wikipedia you will find out that Korea has been the leading destination of girls from Vietnam. Gestures like holding the door for her, making her dinner or occasionally feeding her which may appear like a norm to westerners is a great privilege for hot Vietnamese women. These gentleman attitude of western men is one of the reasons why girls from Vietnam wouldn’t mind to date western men.

Exposure to dating websites

There is a rising practice of girls in Vietnam signing up for dating websites, unlike their men who still prefer traditional dating. Some of these Vietnam dating websites are dominated by western me. These ladies can only connect to the people they see. The goal of every girl on a dating website is to find a man. These girls often care less about the nationality of the man. As long as he has the qualities she yearns for, she will be willing to give him a chance. Western men are generally good with words. This makes it easy for them to convince these girls to give them a chance. Remember, girls are moved by what they hear. A lot of girls—not just Vietnamese—will give anything to have a man that tells her how beautiful she is—and western men never get tired of doing this.

It is just chemistry

Matters of the heart cannot be explained with ease. Some of these girls grew up with fantasies about western me from what they have seen in movies or read in books—and they just want to have a taste of it. You possibly can’t blame anyone for going for their heart desire, will you? The same is true on the other side of the picture. This is why Viet dating has become more like a hunt for men from all over the world. Western men have either heard about the beauties of women from Vietnam or about the good they are in bed. Whatever the case may be, whenever these two connect, it is always fun and an epic adventure.asian girls


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