You are in big trouble if you say this during an apology, especially with Thai Girls

Dating can be tricky, no matter who you are dating.  Sometimes the man gets it all wrong, although the woman can get it all wrong too. Misunderstandings happen, especially cross-cultural and sexual misunderstandings.  If something has gone wrong between you and your Thai girls, or potential date, or on a Thai chat, you need to learn how to apologize.

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If you are dating Thai girls you need to learn to say a whole lot of things.  You need to be polite, ask them what they like, what they expect and also, what you expect.  If you say something offensive, perhaps via a Thai dating app, say ‘Sorry.’  It doesn’t take much to say you are sorry for what you said.  Apologise, which is always acceptable, and then continue with your conversation.

Should you have said something offensive about Thai girl, you can say ‘I am sorry you feel that way.’  Acknowledge how the Thai girls feel.  Remember, there are these cross cultural misunderstandings and you do not mean to be offensive.  Saying ‘I did not realise you felt that way’ can go a long way in making amends.

You may be using a Thai dating app for the first time.  On an American dating app, often men and women get straight to the point.  They may talk about sex immediately, without going through all the small talk first.  Thai girls may do it differently.  They may want the small talk and the chit chat.  If you go straight to a hot conversation, and they don’t want the hot conversation, apologise immediately.  Take responsibility for your words and apologise.  It’s quick and easy and will always be appreciated, especially by a Thai young girl.

Thai girls,Thai young girl

You may not know what do Thai women like.  They may like exactly the same things as girls in your home country but they may expect or want something entirely different.  If you say something inappropriate, and they don’t like it, they will tell you.  Again, say ‘I am sorry.’  It is easy to say – or type out if you are on a Thai dating app – and it is easy to move forward.

Thai girls are different to girls in our own country.  Thai women like white men, but you may not know that.  In fact, you should ask the question Do Thai Women like white men, before you start engaging in dating conversation.  They may have no interest than you, although from our experience, Thai women really like white men!   You will only find out what do Thai women like if you ask them.  Don’t be shy, but if you say something offensive or inappropriate, say sorry immediately.

There is a Thai cute girl image that really appeals to men.  It’s something about the way they look, their petite size and their beautiful smiles.  A Thai skinny girl is especially popular, but then, most Thai women are fairly slim.  If you say something about Thai girl that is offensive, especially about Thai young girl, say you are sorry and move on.

The only way you will know do Thai women like white men,  is by asking them,  You can do this on a Thai Chat and you can be pretty straightforward.  It is a good idea to get everything out the way from the beginning and make sure you are compatible from the very beginning.  If you are interested in Thai girls then use a Thai dating app.  Be clear and honest about your intentions and if you say something wrong, apologise immediately.  Thai girls like that!


Boonsri is a dating expert who has helped many singles solve their relationship difficulties. He joins aiming to assist people to blossom relationships with useful tips and suggestions.

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