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10 Reasons Why Hot Colombian Girls Choose Bad Boys Over Nice Guys

If you are wondering why hot Colombian girls date bad boys and leave nice guys somewhere deep in the friendzone, chances are you are a nice guy (after all, bad boys don’t even bother to read this kind of articles, because they are too busy having fun with all the Latina girls who throw themselves at their feet).

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But why do women like bad boys so much? Long story short, that’s because nice guys throw themselves at girls’ feet, give them way too much attention, and try to please them all the damn time up to the point that it’s no longer sweet and charming, it’s actually annoying.

But have you ever thought what are the reasons why nice guys never seem even remotely as successful as bad boys on serious dating apps? After all, do girls really want to be dating men who will treat them poorly, cheat on them, and never give them the same level of attention a nice guy would?

These are the reasons why nice guys finish last all the time when dating beautiful Columbian women. Disclaimer: don’t take it too personally, as all we’re trying to do is help you understand yourself better and improve. And in no way does it mean that you should become an asshole in order to attract Latina girls.

  1. Self-respect. Most nice guys don’t respect themselves and don’t mind humiliating themselves in front of everyone.
  2. Manipulated. A girl can easily manipulate a nice guy, because that’s something he feels to be the right thing. Nice guys are too eager to please Colombian females, and many women actually take advantage of that (in a bad way).
  3. Avoidance of conflicts. Most nice guys are unable to defend themselves, let alone their girl, when another guy makes a move and things get physical. A nice guy would rather try to avoid a physical confrontation with polite words.
  4. Low self-esteem and insecurities. Nice guys have plenty of insecurities, which can drive any girlfriend or wife crazy. After all, women that are pretty in Latin countries would never want to date a guy who cannot stand his ground or who feels insecure around “bad boys” trying to win over his girlfriend.
  5. Boring. Since most nice guys don’t know how to have fun and many of them rarely even leave their comfort zone, it’s no wonder why they are boring to talk to. South America girls don’t want to be with boring men.

Hot Colombian Girls,serious dating apps,

  1. Lack of control over life. Usually, nice guys have no idea what they want from life and they lack control over their life.
  2. Unwillingness to put an effort into anything (unless it has something to do with pleasing the girl). When he wants something, a nice guy would rather wait for a miracle than put an effort and get it.
  3. Bad leadership skills. A nice guy would rather follow a leader than lead. Nice guys never seem to take the initiative.
  4. Social invisibility. A nice guy is usually too afraid to speak up or make himself socially visible. This is especially apparent when he is in a group of people. “Speak when spoken to” is the rule followed by most nice guys. Colombian candy girls don’t notice nice guys if they keep themselves invisible.
  5. Easily intimidated. A nice guy is easily intimidated by alpha males and strong personalities. Let’s imagine the following scenario: some bad boy approaches a nice guy’s girlfriend and begins to flirt with her. Instead of confronting the bad boy face to face, the nice guy would rather wait until the bad boy walks away and then whine about it to his girlfriend.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why Colombian girls don’t date nice guys and choose bad boys. So if you’re trying to find Latina girls on the best Latin dating sites, and you consider yourself what they call “a nice guy,” you may want to rethink your approach to dating, build up strength, social skills, and become a man you can proud of.