May 29, 2024

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Why You Should Be Dating Russian Brides: Explained (A Guide To Russian Dating)

Whenever the word “Russia” comes up in the Western world, the vast majority of people think: Vladimir Putin, when, instead, they should be thinking about Russian women. Russia has been all over the news because of politics in recent years, but this isn’t why we are here. Politics aside, today we are going to delve into the topic of Russian dating. Someone has famously said once, “Love is going to save the world.” Not politics, not money. Love. And online dating sites may be one of the most effective tools to bridge the gap between Western and Russian people.

Why do men want to date single Russian girls?

Thankfully, Russian girls were blessed with angelic beauty and stunning genetics, which is why the popularity of Russian dating has been on the rise in recent decades. An increasing number of foreign men are attracted to the idea of dating and marrying Russian mail order brides not only because of their looks, but also because Russian women are known to be good housewives.

Why do foreign men want to date Russian women?” is the question asked by many people who have noticed the hype surrounding Russian dating. There has been no research on that topic, but interviews conducted by Russian dating sites suggest that American and Western men want to date Russian brides for multiple reasons:

  1. Russian women are considered to be the most beautiful in the world.
  2. Russian girls are more likely to date a foreign man than a Russian man because many Russians have the goal to move to the West in the hope of finding a better life.
  3. Beautiful Russian women are less dominant and more feminine and elegant compared to Western women.
  4. Russian brides tend to be more family-oriented compared to women in the Western world, where such emancipation and feminism trends as the child-free movement is not uncommon.
  5. Russian girls are considered to be more loyal and faithful compared to American and European women (which, in part, has much to do with the fact that Russian women are beautiful and have a high self-esteem and don’t need to have a romantic affair to feel better about themselves).

stunning Russian girls

What do beautiful Russian women want from foreign men?

Since stunning Russian girls are so beautiful, it would make sense to assume that each Russian woman has hundreds of suitors and they go through a very complex selection process to find the absolute best and flawless foreign man. This, of course, is not true.

In reality, it is much more simple than that. Despite Russian women being extremely gorgeous, they are just like other women from other countries: they seek happiness, they want to feel loved and desired, and they want to start a family with the right man when the time is right.

Some men tend to think that money and looks is all that matters, which is not true. Not every Russian girl can be impressed by the size of a man’s wallet, the structure of his jawline, or the existence of his six-pack. You don’t have to be a rich businessman with cars and yachts to date Russian singles. You don’t necessarily have to be tall, muscular, or physically strong to be able to start dating stunning Russian girls on legitimate Russian marriage sites.

What Russian women absolutely love about foreign men is that they are more confident and assertive than Russian men. Being a gentleman is also the quality that Russian girls value in men. Since life in Russia can be quite gloomy and tough, Russian women also appreciate a good sense of humor in a foreign man, and his ability – or at least willingness – to provide for the family if necessary.

Russian women want their man to treat them with respect. The qualities they are looking in foreign men also include: faithfulness, trustworthiness, honesty, kindness, patience, and emotional maturity. Last but not least, if you want a healthy relationship with a single Russian girl, having open communication and the ability to take responsibility for your actions is behavior are also a big bonus.

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Reasons why you should have a Russian wife

Having a Russian wife comes with a number of benefits, which is why it’s important to outline the reasons for marrying gorgeous Russian women.

  1. You will be as loved as never before. When a Russian girl truly loves someone, that someone becomes the first person she thinks about upon waking up and the last person she thinks about when falling asleep. One of the many reasons why so many foreigners want to date Russian women is because Russian girls get attached to their man in a healthy (not obsessive) way, and surround their loved ones with affection and care.
  2. You will get a housemaid who knows what she’s doing. One of the biggest differences between Russian and American (or European, for that matter) women, is that Russians value the tradition of females being the maids and cleaners in the house. Although many Western countries frown upon the mere thought of wives or girlfriends being housekeepers for their husbands and boyfriends, for Russian women, keeping the house clean and comfy is one of their main duties.
  3. You will get both a stunning wife and a best friend. When you put a ring on the finger of a Russian lady, you get both a wife and a friend. In some Western countries, many women underestimate the importance of being friends with their boyfriends and husbands. In reality, friendship is one of the most importance aspects of a healthy relationship, and Russians know it better than anyone else.
  4. You will eat delicious, nutritious and perfectly flavored dishes. The ability to cook food passes through generations in Russian women, which is why the vast majority of Russian girls can cook outstanding dishes. Russian cuisine comes with an abundance and variety of products used for cooking, and you haven’t truly lived if you didn’t try Russian dishes.
  5. You will have a very exciting and fun relationship. Although the Western media often portrays Russian people as melancholic and miserable, it is not entirely true. In reality, Russian women are quite enthusiastic about life, they have a great sense of humor, and they certainly know how to have a lot of fun. If you’re married to a Russian woman, you will never be bored.
  6. You will never be cheated on. It’s true that cheating is quite common in Russia, but in the vast majority of such cases, sexual infidelity comes from men (which is another reasons why Russian women seek boyfriends and husbands from Western countries). Russian girls are taught to be devoted wives from their childhood. For a Russian woman, cheating is a taboo, which is why you can be certain that your Russian wife will never betray you.
  7. You will have an educated, smart, and modest woman by your side. Russian women read a lot, and they aspire to educating themselves just about everything. As a rule of thumb, a Russian woman is smarter and better educated than an average woman from a European country. Modesty is another quality that Russian girls are famous for. They are very humble, but, at the same time, they know how to stand their ground when necessary.

A guide to dating Russian girls

Dating Russian women is not rocket science, yet there are certain things you must be aware of. First and foremost, it usually takes a few months of chatting on an online dating site for a Russian girl to understand that she likes a foreigner.

If you don’t want to wait months, and would like to speed up the process, it is important that you use gifts and flowers as a way to express your affection toward the Russian girl. For Russian girls for marriage, gifts and flowers are a key aspect of a romantic relationship, especially at the very beginning of it.

In the United States and European countries, women tend to be more career-oriented rather than family-oriented. A modern Western woman thinks having kids before 30 is too early. For a Russian girl, on the other hand, having kids at or after 30 is way too late.

However, in no way does it mean that Russian women don’t care about their careers. All it means is that they are able to balance both their career and family life. Also, in the West, the phenomenon when the man does the housekeeping and babysitting while his wife provides for the family is not unheard of. In Russia, this phenomenon is rather rare, which is why by marrying a Russian woman you get to keep your status of the family’s provider, while your wife will take care of the housekeeping and babysitting, just like it’s been since the dawn of time.

Where to meet Russian single girls?

If you are looking for a place to meet Russian singles, we suggest you sign up on the leading and trustworthy Russian dating sites such as and Thousands of new profiles of real Russian women are created on these dating sites every week, which means there’s a Russian lady for every foreigner there. What’s more, both CharmDate and RussianPretty offer plenty of services and tools to help you expedite the online dating process and meet a lady for a first date. Some of these features include but are not limited to WebCam Share, Virtual Gifts, real-life Video Show, and many more. With Russian dating sites, meeting a Russian girl is no longer some unrealistic dream. A beautiful, faithful, housewifely, educated, and smart lady is just a few clicks away from you!