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10 simplest Russian phrases to make HER yours

Talking to a hot girl, men often tend to do things to impress her. And one of the things that would really impress any Russian hot girl is if you say a phrase or two in the Russian language. So if you’re planning to date Russian ladies, these 10 simplest Russian phrases will help win her heart!
Privet! – Hi!
Poka! – Bye!
Da – Yes.
Net – No.
Kak dela? – How are you?
Kak tebya zovut? – What’s your name?
Ti ochen krasivaya – You’re very beautiful.
Bud’ moey – Be mine.
Ya hochu s toboi poznakomitsya – I want to get to know you.
young russian girlsYa po tebe skuchal – I missed you. This is the phrase you could use when you haven’t chatted with the Russian girl for over a day. That would send a cute signal to her that you really take value and interest in your communication.
The above-mentioned 10 phrases are the most commonly used phrases in everyday communication. So whether you’re going to use them in verbal communication to hook up with a sexy Russian girl or type them in a chat on some international dating service, the fact that you took the time to memorize those phrases will blow her mind away.
Typical Russian girls don’t expect a foreigner to know a single phrase in her native language, which is why you’ll catch her by surprise. And she’ll surely return the favor by learning a few phrases from your mother tongue.
There are millions of single young Russian girls looking to find a match on various international dating websites, which is why by knowing at least a couple of these phrases, you raise the chances to become interesting in the eyes of the hot Russian woman. Be sure, she has to scroll through hundreds of messages from foreigners on everyday basis, so stand out from the crowd! Give yourself an edge among all those men trying to get her alone in a chat with them – learn Russian and she’ll be yours!russian brides
Whether you’re looking for Russian wives or just a Russian girl for dating, knowing how to ask the simplest questions in the Russian language is an adorable way of showing your interest in Russian culture and language. And Russian women value that: they like the fact that even though a foreigner doesn’t have to do all these kinds of things, he still takes his free time and does it.
Besides, if you learn a phrase or two in the Russian language, you’ll probably get the chance to hear a Russian girl speaking in her native language. And that’s hot. And you often hear people ask “Why are Russian girls so hot?” Well, while there is no definite answer, it’s clear that the language adds certain hotness to Russian ladies.
Besides, you can ask a Russian woman to teach you more Russian phrases through a chat on the international dating website. It will be a quick and solid way for you both to bond and spend some fun time together. Because trust us when we say this: when a Russian girl tries to teach a foreigner some Russian language, it’s always cute and hilarious!