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10 Spanish Phrases which Latin Girls Love!

This is the modern day and age when people have become skilled at being BILINGUAL. Your ability to be bilingual isn’t only a work skill you acquire on the job, but it’s also a life skill you develop when dating Latino girls. Because Latin girls love the way romantic words roll off the tongue in their own native language, then you won’t be sorry that you learned a Spanish word of affection or two.

  1. First of all, you may start any conversation with Latin single ladies by saying a warm, friendly greeting of “Hola”. This means “hi” or “hello” in Spanish. Be attentive to the time of day you’re in contact with each other. Wish her “Buenos dias” (Good morning) or “Buenas noches” (Good night). Eventually, it becomes a habit for you to be part of her day or night, without which it would feel incomplete.

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  1. If you’re from the West, another phrase worth knowing is “Como estas?”A follow-through to the usual hi or hello, it means “How are you?” Keeping it short and simple, you’re able to express your care and concern over her well-being.
  2. When you’re Latin ladies dating, it helps to be on first-name basis with each other. So, find out what her name is or how she likes to be called by asking, “Cual es tu nombre?”or “Como se llama?” In return, offer your own name by saying, “Mi nombre John (Juan)” or “Alejandro (for Alexander)”. Follow through with a brief anecdote on why you were named so, especially if your name happens to be unique. Latin women love tales and stories, as these make up the fiber of their everyday lives.
  3. To overcome the communication barrier, be honest enough to say “Yo comprendo (entiendo)”or “Yo no comprendo (entiendo)” as needed. The former means “I understand” and will keep the conversation flowing, while the latter means ‘I don’t understand” which helps her clarify her point.
  4. As you grow more comfortable in your chat with Colombian girls, be generous with your praises. For instance, when you are pleased by her or amazed at what she does (like cooking in particular), don’t hesitate to say “Mucho gusto!”or “Delicioso!” This means you like it very much or it’s very delicious.
  5. Don’t forget: When your Latin lady brings good news about herself or her family, extend a sincere “Salud!”Translating to “Cheers!” or “Congratulations”, it’s a form of well-wishing. It extends goodwill to the entire family, thus, putting you in everyone’s favor.

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  1. The more you get to know each other, the more these Spanish phrases will flow between you. In particular, gorgeous Colombian women will absolutely adore you when you refer to them as “Amor” or “Amor Mio”. A couple of words, they mean “love” and “my love”, respectively.
  2. Also in Spanish, the word “Esposa”elevates her to the position of wife. You hold her in high esteem whenever you refer to her as your pretty Señorita(Miss or Lady).
  3. To celebrate the beauty of the Colombian single woman you’re courting, you could also call her “Bella” or “Hermosa”. Both meaning “beautiful”, they pay her the highest compliment in terms of looks and physical appearance.
  4. Lastly, save yourself the trouble of being lost in translation. Beforehand, always ask singles Colombia if they actually speak English. In two simple words, it can be uttered as “Habla espanol?”

Hands down, Spanish happens to be one of the most romantic, expressive languages ever! Thus, go out of your way to please Latin women seeking men by being different from the rest. That difference could be the way you express yourself through some of the best Spanish phrases which Latin girls love.

So, brush up on your knowledge of Spanish! Warm up to the language, even before you wine and dine the most beautiful, passionate Colombia hot girls.

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