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3 Single Russian Dating Women: Brunette vs Blonde vs Hazelnut (You Date, You Choose!)

When it comes to Russian dating, men can be quite picky. They want to find Russian girl dating site with dark or blonde hair. And if it’s dark, some foreigners are into brunettes, while others prefer hot Russian brides with hazelnut hair.

If you think hair color is an important factor when it comes to looking for a pretty Russian women, this list of three Russian girl photos is for you!

When you go and look for Russian girls online, it may seem as if the most beautiful girls are already taken. But that’s just not true!

We did a little digging and found three SINGLE hot Russian brides. And yes, each of them has a different hair color to satisfy each and every of your preferences.

Kate, 23

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Oh my god! Are angels real?! That’s the first thing that crossed our mind when we saw Kate for the first time.

The second thing: could Santa Claus also be real? Getting on the real side – and leaving Santa Claus out of the picture – we’ve sifted through hundreds of Russian women videos and pics on CharmDate to choose Kate as the winner of our today’s category: the best looking single brunette Russian girl.

Kate signed up on CharmDate to find a foreigner with the possibility to move to another country, because life in Russia isn’t easy. Although Kate is only 23, she is already looking forward to having a long-term, serious relationship.

She is sick of being alone, and we totally get it! Being alone can be a struggle. The great thing about dating Kate is that she is “a giver.”

Kate is among the hottest Russian girl photos on the Russian dating site. You may think: “I have no chances with a girl like that – she definitely has lots of suitors!”

Wanna know a secret? Just between me and you: only a handful of men looking for hot Russian brides are actually brave enough to make the move and send a message.

So overcome your fears, insecurities, doubts and all that stuff that prevents you from becoming TRULY happy, and send Kate a message!

Anna, 22

Russian girl photos

Ever wanted to date a blonde Russian girl, she’s young, family-oriented and full of energy. Okay, if you’re still reading this and haven’t started typing your first message to Anna yet. Go talk to this gorgeous Russia blonde, have a webcam chat Russian girl!

Anna is passionate about reading (she’s intelligent) and jogging (she has a fit athletic body). Above all, Anna LOVES life and she is purposeful.

And being enthusiastic about life is what you won’t find in some hot Russian brides. Anna, on the other hand, is not like most hot Russian brides. She’s full of energy and will do whatever it takes to find the man of her dreams.

Wait… You look familiar. Could you please bring your handsome face closer to the webcam? That’s right! It’s you – the perfect man we’ve pictured with Anna! (we’re just joking, we aren’t watching you, but we do think that you could be a good match for this beautiful blonde Russian girl).

Oh, and just for you to know: Anna also loves cooking. Yep, that’s what we thought. You already started typing your first message for her (…right?).

Juliya, 30

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If a brunette is too much to handle for you, and you prefer a lighter hair color, meet Juliya. This Russian girl dating site is here for a reason!

If you look at Juliya, this gorgeous Russian lady with hazelnut hair, you might see a fragile, sweet and tender girl. And while she is definitely sweet and tender, she is also much stronger than she seems to be.

She has a kind heart and a sincere smile. She is hoping to get into a relationship that will last forever. Are you ready to take Juliya down that road? Are you the man who isn’t afraid of challenges, and can accept this sexy Russian lady and her children?

If hanging around her kids sounds too intimidating, you’re probably not ready to date single moms yet. But if you’re the masculine man – strong like black, sugar-free coffee and solid as concrete – don’t hesitate to contact Juliya.

Send a message to this feminine and tender woman. We’re pretty sure that you will not regret it.

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