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4 Unflattering Myths About Russian Women

There are certain unflattering myths about women of every nation. And Russian women are no exception. In fact, living behind the iron curtain, Russian women got a great deal of myths thrown at them. Well, it’s time to once and for all debunk those myths!russian mail order bride

Russian women are bitchy
Russian women are thought to be… bitchy. It probably have something to do with the beauty of Russian women. The sexier the woman is, the bitchier she is considered to be. That’s a widespread myth that is applied not only to sexy Russian girls but also women of any nationality that are considered to be sexy. It’s no secret that nature has invested a great deal of beauty in Russian women, but that doesn’t mean they are bitchy. Yes, there are Russian girls of this type, but most Russian women for marriage are tender, loving and sweet creatures.

Russian women will cheat you out of your money
If you’re trying to find Russian single women for dating, you’ve probably heard this one: Russian women care about money and will cheat you out of your money. It is wrongfully believed that all Russian women think about is money and they come up with cunning plots how to cheat foreigners out of their money using their natural beauty. Well, while unfortunately such women exist (and there is a great number of them – but they are not only Russians), most Russian women care about family values more than they do about money and other material goods.
Here’s what you need to know about modern Russian women: while the level of feminism in Russia is significantly lower than in the West, Russian women still have lots of self-respect and independence. That’s why if you have your pockets full of money and you thought you could buy any Russian girl, sorry pal – it’s not your day.

russian hot bridesYou can boss Russian women around and get away with it
Russian women are not the bossy types, but that doesn’t mean they will let you order them about. As said in the previous myth, modern Russian women have lots of self-respect and independence. And if you were planning to use a Russian woman as your own puppy, we’re sorry to break it to you: not going to happen. A Russian woman that respects herself will never let any man boss her around, she will always act in her best interests and she will always express her honest opinion about everything.

Russian women are all bad at English
While the English language is a problem for a great number of Russian girls, you can’t say that it goes for all Russian women. In fact, there are a lot of Russian women who can teach you the things in English you didn’t even know existed. And that’s given that you’re a native English.
Yes, there is definitely a great number of Russian girls who will try to scam you out of your money, or let you purchase them, or even let you order them about, but those girls are in the minority. But there are girls like this in every single nation of the world. Generally, Russian women are nothing like this.