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5 Online Dating Mistakes Smooth Fellas Avoid in Russian Dating (And So Should You!)

These five mistakes could be ruining your Russian dating game.

If you’ve been on the Internet for quite a while, you probably noticed that most guys who ‘approach’ girls on social media fall into two categories: pathetic losers and smooth fellas.

Now, ask yourself this question: Have you tried picking up Russian beautiful girls online many times, but failed in 95% cases? Well, we have bad news for you…pretty Russian girls

But there are also the good news! We can get you all the way to the “smooth fellas” category in just a few minutes. Spoiler alert: and you don’t even have to undergo a plastic surgery to look like Zac Efron.

All you have to do is stop making these five common online dating mistakes (yep, this can actually make an astronomical difference).

Sending “Hi!” messages

Russian beautiful girlsIf you’re trying to find a Russian wife online, you’ll have to do better than that. Statistically speaking, the vast majority of guys approach Russian sexy women online by sending the “Hi!” or “Hey!” message, and sincerely hope to get an answer.

And there’s also a fair share of fellas who initiate a conversation with an emoji (mostly a kissy face). But that’s what lazy, no-game dudes who fall into the “pathetic losers” category do (because they get ignored in over 90% cases).

And you certainly don’t want to belong in that category neither do you want to be ignored by sexy Russian brides.

Do this: write a proper introduction and follow up with a question about her, or comment on something that you noticed in her profile or photos.

Blank profile

The worst thing you can do on a Russian dating website that will automatically make you look like a serial killer or sex offender is leaving your online dating profile empty. That, and also having no profile picture. Yikes!

The same goes for guys who choose to provide a limited amount of info about themselves, such as their birthday, education, and other generic questions. Not mentioning your hobbies, weird talents and other things that spark an interesting conversation is a huge mistake.

Do this: take time to fill out your profile. Period.

“What are you doing here?” questions

sexy Russian woman

… aka the “how a beauty like you can be single?!” questions. They are the worst if you’re really hoping to pick up a sexy Russian woman.

If you want to meet Russian girl online, avoid obvious questions that lead to obvious answers. Yep, that includes the “why are you on this website?” question. Em… because she is single?

It’s quite unlikely that she was just flipping through Instagram feed on her phone and accidentally created an online dating profile in the process.

Do this: instead of asking obvious questions, ask her something that you saw on her profile. This works much better than the “Hey cutie, what are you doing here?” question.

Stalling the conversation

Okay, let’s confront the elephant in the room. Even though women want to be equal to men, guys are still supposed to initiate AND lead the conversation online.

In the realm of online Russian dating, that means you have to throw the ball back to the lady after answering her question. Meaning: your reply should always include a question.

Play the ball at least until you get to know each other better, when she will be interested enough to ask you questions herself – not the other way around.

Getting impatient when she doesn’t respond

This may be surprising to some, but seeing your chat buddy get impatient when you don’t respond is actually quite annoying. When your friends do it, it’s OK. But when a complete stranger does it, a woman will have no problem blocking that dude.

Because for most pretty Russian girls, this type of behavior is considered childish. A text conversation isn’t a phone conversation, when you’re expected to respond immediately.

Do this: instead of sending her zillions of question marks and “??” messages, give her some time to respond.charmdate