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5 Signs That Dominican Women are Gaslighting You

Although the fun-loving Dominican women may seem perfect, relationships with them can also get confusing; like they can with any person, from any country. As you start developing feelings for someone, you get more vulnerable and less aware of your partner’s behavior. In many cases, that could be the moment when you become a victim of gaslighting in a relationship.

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a type of psychological manipulation. Victims of gaslighting start questioning themselves; their perception, sanity, memory and it radically affects their self-esteem. The victimizer that is gaslighting their victim(s) uses misdirection, denial, contradiction, misinformation and other methods to destabilize the beliefs of his/her victim(s) and take control over their feelings and behavior.

Dominican girls

Typically, Dominican girls are spontaneous and social so gaslighting doesn’t match with their image so much. However, every person is different from one another. Even the most loving girl could show signs of gaslighting in your relationship. In this article, we are going to list 5 crucial signs of gaslighting. Pay close attention to the list below.

1. You are constantly questioning yourself because of your relationship

If your Dominican girl keeps making you question your perception of reality, that can be the first sign of gaslighting. She will make you doubt your beliefs, points of view, behavior and just everything you thought you knew. If the gaslighting gets very serious, she will even have the power to convince you that you didn’t see something you saw! It may not be easy to notice the manipulation so easily at first; victimizers usually cover gaslighting with good intentions. Thus, your girl will make you change yourself by convincing you that it’s only for your own good.

2. She makes you feel insecure

Dominican brides are usually very uplifting and supporting. For that reason, a behavior that goes in a completely different direction is another sign of gaslighting. In order to take control of you, your girl will make you feel insecure. She will not compliment you, support you nor lift you up. Instead, she will find ways to make you feel insecure. By pointing out your flaws, mistakes and your weakest spots, your girl will make you think that you are so lucky to have her. You will also feel like nobody else would accept you but her. Walk away from such a relationship! Surely, so many Dominican singles would happily accept you for who you are.Dominican brides

3. You start to isolate yourself

If your partner is gaslighting you, she will only want you for yourself. To make that happen, she will try different ways to separate you from your friends and family. One of the most common ways is to give up on her own friends and family just so you do it as well. For Dominican Republic girls, the family is extremely important. By default, she will respect yours as well. In case she doesn’t mind removing close people from her life in order to make you remove yours, she is most likely a manipulator! Another method to isolate you could be making problems in public or when you introduce her to someone. That way, you will want to avoid awkward situations and you will only stick to her. Last but surely not least is, of course, talking against your friends and family. She could tell you that she sees something you don’t and it’s only her who wants to best for you. Also, your girl could say that she is jealous of some friends from your group. Basically, the gaslighter will find hundreds of reasons to make stay only with her!

4. You feel guilty even when you are not

Manipulators always have their ways to make themselves appear as victims. Even when your girl does something wrong, she will get you to believe that it was actually your fault. For example, many people use gaslighting techniques even when they cheat on their partners! After being caught, they will not apologize and accept their mistakes. Instead, they will make their partner feel as if it was his/her fault! “You didn’t give me enough attention so I looked for it elsewhere”, “We weren’t spending so much time together” are only some of gaslighting examples! The worst thing is that they actually succeed many times and the betrayed person feels guilty on top of it! Don’t let that happen to you. There are so many wonderful girls that you can find on a Dominican Republic dating site. With the right woman by your side, you will never even get in that kind of position.

5. Giving you false hope

Gaslighters are aware that they need to balance their gaslighting or they will lose all the power. Even after the biggest fight, your girl may do something nice that will make you think she actually loves you. These love gestures may happen just after you realize that you are in a manipulative relationship. With only one “proof of love”, your partner could shake up what you have finally acknowledged. Be careful! If someone’s bad overweighs the good incomparably, there is no reason for you to feel sorry for that person! Everyone is aware of their own actions; a toxic relationship is a never-ending circle that will damage the core of your personality if you don’t leave on time.

We hope that you didn’t recognize your relationships in the points listed above. In case you have, it’s time for a new chapter; it’s time to start appreciating yourself and leave the gaslighter out of your life! One bad experience with a girl from the Dominican Republic should not create your opinion on Dominican people. Go to a Dominican dating site and find a woman that you could actually plan a bright future with!sign up