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5 THINGS All Girls Want on a First Date

Dating is all about fun and rush of knowing someone new. Online chat with Russian women is completely different than going on actual date. Impressing young Russian girls on their first date is not a piece of cake. You need to be extra charming Russian guy.  Russian dating can be a very tricky game which you should know rules of. It is all about your first impression and your first date. You do not want to leave your girl in doubts after the very first date. Because if you do not do what she wants on first date then chances are that you might lose her. First date is the opening way for her to know you, so you do not want to make a bad impression.

Chat with RussiansGirls are very sensitive to the way you approach them and treat them and they will be making impression of you on their first date. If you know what girls want on their first date then you can be Mr.Right. Making a solid impression on young Russian girls on very first date is very important because Russian women are the most beautiful and you have to put more effort than usual. You want to know what do Russian girls like on the first date? Here are five handy tips which girls want on first date:

Red Flowers:

Every girl wants their first date to be perfect and full of surprises. She loves it when you are unpredictably romantic and considerate. You want to start your Russian dating by sending her bouquet of red flowers, because red is a color of love and romance. But, if you already know her favorite color of flowers, she will appreciate it if you are mindful of her choice.

Peaceful and Romantic Environment:

Girls are expecting to spend peaceful time with you. So you have to make a choice about place very carefully. Girls do not want fuss and messy place. They want to have a quality time with you. They will appreciate it if the environment is very peaceful. Girls are very sensitive so choose a place that is very romantic too. She loves it when there is little bit of romance in the air.

Girls Want Attention

Russian girls really love it when you give them all your attention. She does not want to feel unwanted. So, using your cellphone is a big NO! She wants you to listen to her rather than indulging yourself in your cellphones. You want to listen to her and give her proper response. Do not be selfish and talk just about yourself. Chat with Russians love it when you want to know about them and you show interest in what they have to say.

Girls love Compliments

Russian datingGirls are very conscious how they look so they put in a lot of effort to look fabulous on their first date. Girls love compliments. So, show your interest in her and appreciate how she looks. She will admire your gesture and she will love it when you are very considerate about her feelings.

Girls love gifts:

Do more than just a lunch. She did not spend all day dressing up for you so she can have just a lunch. She will cherish it if you go out of the way for her. She wants to know that you actually value the time you are spending with her. So give her a romantic gift. A gift is a token of love and care. So, let her know that you care.

Here is a perfect first date she will not forget ever in her life. She will definitely look forward to meet you again soon. After you have dropped her off at home, go back to your home and give her precise text about how you enjoyed your first date.