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5 Tips To Make Russian girls Want To Make The First Move On You

Men have been making the first move on Russian girls since the dawn of times, but the past decade has been so tumultuous that nearly everything turned upside down. Although rare, it’s no longer bizarre for a woman to approach the man she likes, not vice versa. Russian babes are bold and confident to make the first move.

This is something our fathers and grandfathers would frown upon, but a woman making the first move has become a reality now that millions of people across the world heavily rely on online dating sites.

online dating womenYou might have heard stories of online dating women making the first move, but have never experienced it first-hand. Well, it’s probably because you’re doing something wrong. In other words, you’re not approachable. But don’t worry – we’re here to help you become more approachable both in real life and on dating sites where you check Russian dating profiles and find no way to hit on the gorgeous in Russian dating sites.

Follow these simple tips to increase the chance that a pretty lady of your dreams will approach you.

Develop a sense of style

Russian girlsLet’s skip the boring intro about how your sense of style can make a good first impression, and get right into it. You need to dress well. From Russian women videos it’s not hard to notice that Russian women put efforts in what they wear. So do they notice what men wear.

If you dress well, a woman is more likely to approach you before you even have a chance to lay your eyes on her. Because men with a sense of style stand out from the crowd, and this should be reflected in your day-to-day clothing IRL and on your dating profile as well. You might want to read more articles about men’s style to become a stylish stud.

Write a snappy dating bio


When browsing Russian personal dating profiles, you’ve probably noticed that the photos are not the only thing that catches your attention. It’s the bio. Having a crafty and snappy bio on an online dating website increases the likelihood that Russian girls video chat with you. will be initiating a chat with you. In brief, avoid cliché phrases in your bio, be nice, don’t be a jerk or offensive, be respectful, be genuinely (not stupidly) funny, and keep it relatively short while giving a small insight into your personality. That’s pretty much it.

Take care of your grooming and smell good

And we don’t mean taking your grooming to the extremes until you look feminine nor do we mean smelling like a walking Axe body-spray commercial. It’s sufficient to maintain your haircut regularly, take care of your skin, clip your nails every week or so, and keep your beard well-groomed (if you have one). Although often overlooked, a man who smells good will make a woman want to look over her shoulder and make the move on him (because his smell is just too irresistible to miss the chance!). No, the smell of sweat and hangover odor are not the definitions of “good smell.” Pouring gallons of cologne all over your body before going outside is a no-no, too.

Let her have the opening line

Russian girls video chat with youIf you want to meet Russian girls, you should craft your dating bio in a way that engages a woman who’s reading it. Meaning: give her an opening line. Many women are reluctant to send a message online because they have no idea how to approach a man. Help her out! Leave a question (or two) on your profile that she can answer (for example, something fancy such as “If you could have dinner with any three people, who would you choose?”). Or you can learn how to say gorgeous in Russian language, and include a phrase such as “Waiting for your response, krasavitsa,” at the end of your bio.

Be nice

A simple rule of a gentleman which is so rare in the modern world. Be nice not only to the Russian girls that you want to hit on. Be nice to everyone around you, because Russian babes notice it. Imagine who would not want to be with a nice guy?