5 Types Of Girlfriends You SHOULD Break Up With

Has your life become a nightmare lately? Your Russian lady may be the one responsible for this!

russian girlfriendDon’t get me wrong – hot russian ladys can be the most caring wives, the most passionate sex lovers and the best mothers – but sometimes you meet hot russian girls that are not worth any of your time.

Let’s face it: sometimes things just don’t work out. Relationships and marriages fall apart. And it’s absolutely fine.

If you notice any of the following things in your russian girl behavior, you may want to ask yourself: is she really worth my time?

The if you don’t do this… girl

Whether you’re dating curvy russian women or supermodel-like Russian ladies, you can become a victim of mind games.

If you notice any manipulating behavior as you date russia girls, you may want to make sure she’s not playing mind games with you.

There’s no denial russian laddies can make it hard to say no to them, but if she’s playing psychological tricks on you only to get what she wants and not respects your interests, you may want to tell her, “It’s over, girl.”

The it won’t happen againgirl

Is she constantly texting someone, but every time you come near here she switches off her phone? Or is “staying at my friend’s house tonight” way too often and won’t even let you see that mysterious ‘friend’?

Well, she may be cheating on you. When you said “i want a russian bride” and got married with this woman, we’re pretty sure you didn’t mean, “I want to be cheated on.”

And you know, once a cheater, always a cheater. Don’t buy into her promises that “it won’t happen again!” She’s most definitely bluffing.

meet hot russian girlsThe sorwy iv gut a lil too dwunk, againgirl

If your girlfriend is quite addicted to alcohol or drugs, ask yourself: do you need sexy russian women for marriage that can’t handle their addictions?

If you’re planning to start a family – eventually or in the short term – dating a Russian girlfriend who gets high on drugs or drinks a little too much a little too often may not be worth it.

However, her alcohol or drug problem can signal that she’s in emotional or psychological pain, as it can often be the case. If it is the case, you may want to convince her to get professional help.

Or if she’s just a party-girl who loves to drink and get high on drugs just for the kicks, you know… Unless you’re comfortable with it, you may want to break up.

The you should hang out ONLY with me!girl

Look at your relationship as you would under your car’s hood: if one piece is not working properly, the car won’t drive long.

The same goes to a relationship: you may love one another as hard as you can only imagine, but if some piece of it is not working properly, it won’t last long.

In russian dating, women can be quite clingy, and it can be a problem to many men who love space. It often happens that hot russian ladys want you to think that your world revolves only around them.

But that’s not the healthiest type of a relationship: the one where you give one another no space. This can eventually become the main reason for your breakup, so better talking things through before getting serious.

russian laddiesThe I’m having sex with you only after you buy me thisgirl

Just like in any other nation, there are Russian girls who want nothing but money, the so-called gold diggers. Unless you’re absolutely fine with being used by a girl, you may want to break up with a girl that demands to buy her expensive things.

She won’t talk to you if you don’t buy her that $2,000 dress? That’s a red flag. She’s eager to have sex with you only after you mention that you will buy her gifts? That’s a red flag.

There are plenty of gold diggers out there. Don’t fall into that trap. Break up before your bank account has been sucked dry (and don’t expect the girl to stick around for much long after your bank account has dried up).