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6 Must-Do girls expect from guys on a first date

It is often said that a man trying to learn a woman is a waste of time because women don’t even understand women.  However, dating experts have done some interesting research and come out with interesting findings. It might be hard to find the accurate wants of Russian girls but there are some guesses that can be safely generalized.

For Russian women to date foreign men they will be on the lookout for certain qualities and they will expect that their men fit into the shoe perfectly. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a relationship that will last a life time or you are in it for the sake of flirting, there are certain rules of behavior white Russian girls will appreciate if you conform with – the initial efforts are always appreciated. The rules go thus; Russian women to date

1. Show up for the date

A hot Russian lady’s definition of showing up has a lot of connotations. Showing up does not mean coming to the venue of the date alone. It also means coming on time and being fully present; that is to say that the guy has to turn off all electronic gadgets that will be potential source of distraction and sell his unwavering attention to the lady. This will make your beautiful Russian girl feel special and anything otherwise would be a show of gross disrespect for her.

2. Dress to impress

When it comes to dressing for a first date, there is no overdoing it. If you have found Russian girls to date, the next step should be to find the best cloth to wear. The expectation of the Russian women to date may vary. Dressing to impress does not necessarily mean wearing expensive attire but dressing to suit the occasion. For example, if the first date has to take place in a dinner, you have to dress in dinner attire and if it is on the beach, you have to dress in the best way someone going to the beach would look.

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3. Take your hygiene seriously

If you have ever wondered how embarrassed beautiful Russian women would be if you show up for a date and right from afar they notice that your hair is unkempt, then you will make effort to take your hygiene serious. Imagine another scenario when she comes close to you to either hug or kiss you and instead of getting the sweet lavender scent her nostrils are chocked by a strong stench emanating from your cloth or mouth. The relationship will definitely take a new dimension afterwards.

4. Being responsible and taking responsibility

Asian tradition makes it duty bound for a guy to take full financial responsibility of the lady. Civilization has made it such that a girl may suggest that each person pays for what they took so they won’t have to feel trapped in the relationship. Being responsible as the man in this case means letting her opinion count and not forcing to pay for her against her will.

5. Be an open book

First date is the beginning of the time for people to know each other. Many relationships hit the rock no sooner than they have started because both parties started the relationship on pretense. This is the time to voice out you likes and dislikes – but also learn to hear your partner out and respect their opinions too.

6. Follow up

If you had a nice first date, you will almost be certain of another and look forward to seeing the person again. What about when the date was par below expectation, what will you do? The best way to react in such instance is to follow it up with a show of gratitude for the time the person was willing to invest.