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6 Reasons Why Summer Is The Best Season To Start A Relationship With Russian Girls

Nope, spring is actually NOT the best time of year to start a relationship with Russian girls. Summer is!

There is a common misconception that spring is the best season to fall in love, and even though it’s quite convincing (I mean, people are ditching those fat layers of clothing, and the sun melts all the snow away), summer is actually the best time of year to go online and start looking for hot Russian girls.

singles RussiaWith only one month of summer left, you better gear up with the following advice and sign up on some good dating sites, because the clock is ticking! So, what makes summer so good for romance?

You’re more exposed

No, we don’t mean in the “less clothing – more fun” way. We mean that you are more exposed to the good vibes. Summer is the only season when people let their guard down, they become less preoccupied with work and studies, they go on vacation, they celebrate things, they stay up all night more frequently… I mean, with an attitude like that, it’s only a matter of time before you meet single Russian ladies and fall deeply in love!

More Russian girls on online dating sites

Statistics shows that online dating sites see a tremendous boost in popularity during summer, which increases your odds of meeting some beautiful sexy Russian women.

meet single Russian ladiesAnd it makes sense why. People are more open to meet new people when they have more free time on their hands. I mean, we’re all guilty of browsing through sexy Russian women pictures while watching some TV show on your couch or resting in your hotel room after a fun day at the beach, aren’t we?

People are happier

You’ve probably noticed that when you’re not in the mood, your negative behavior and that depressed or frustrated expression on your face serves as the shield protecting you from meeting new people. I mean, nobody wants to talk to a moody guy, let alone fall in love with him!

It’s no secret that when people are relaxed, they are more likely to be happy and have a positive expression on their face, which attracts more women and, in turn, makes you more willing to let someone into your heart.

hot Russian girls

More people to meet outdoors

As we’ve mentioned earlier, online dating websites see a major influx of visitors in summertime. But it’s easier to meet people outdoors in summer, too. As the sun keeps shining, everybody starts having a good time. In fact, you might even encounter some Russian girls on the streets who came to your country as tourists. Also, there are countless concerts, festivals, and all kinds of activities that keep people engaged. Whether we want it or not, these activities also force us to interact with other people, which is why we’re more likely to meet the love of your life in summer.

More (moderate) drinking and fun

Speaking of outdoor activities and fun… These usually go hand-in-hand with drinking alcohol. And if you know how to drink responsibly and not get wasted every time you start drinking, then you should know that a moderate amount of alcohol in your system can turn up the heat and make you more inclined to hooking up with singles Russia.

I mean, you’ve probably noticed that once you have a drink or two, the conversation with women begins to flow smoothly, and you no longer need that “How to chat with Russian girls?” guide to assist you.

More vitamins, D included

You’ve probably wondered why are Russian girls hot, and the answer is, “Largely, thanks to the food they eat.” More precisely, it’s the vitamins and minerals that are mostly consumed in summertime that make Russian women look so stunning and fit.

You see, summer is the perfect (and for many regions, the only) season to eat fruits and veggies in addition to the vitamin D that comes from the sun. Russian girls love eating fruits and vegetables in summer, because in Russia they are available only that season. I mean, you could still get those in winter, but they’re not as healthy as in summer (and way more expensive!).