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7 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do In Relationships

Hey, you! Yes, you. Do you think you’re a mentally strong person? Well, you might want to read this…

Have you ever felt overprotective, too jealous, weak or dominating in your relationship with a hot Russian girl? Well, that may be because you’re a mentally weak person.

Hear me out before you freak out though. It’s only normal to develop mental issues that aren’t considered to be normal for a mentally strong person.

If you signed up on online dating website to find lovely Russian girls after your past relationships were ruined by you acting crazy, you may want to finally learn what it’s like being a mentally strong partner in a relationship.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start learning, as mental strength comes with experience.

So you might want to read the following 7 things mentally strong people don’t do in relationships before you even go browse through beautiful Russian ladies photos on an online dating website.lovely Russian girls

1. They aren’t overprotective and overly jealous

Whether it’s Russian dating or Latino dating, most men tend to get overprotective and overly jealous in their relationships.

They confuse their behavior with being strong – “After all, I’m an alpha male here to protect my girl – so she ain’t speaking to any other male out there” – but in reality that’s one of the most typical traits of mentally weak and beta guys.

Sure, you’re dating a hot girl from russia and you freak out when she talks to other males – whether it’s because you’re afraid of losing her or you simply can’t stand the idea of her talking to other guys – but this might be negatively affecting your relationship.

Being overprotective and overly jealous can be considered “sweet” early on in the relationship, but the Russian girls tend to get annoyed by this sort of behavior over time.

And no surprise here: if you want to get a wife from russia, it doesn’t mean you’re finding a toy that it supposed to be tucked away at home from the rest of society.

Mentally strong people don’t get frustrated over the fact that their partner attracts attention from the opposite gender, nor do they freak out when their partner is communicating with the opposite gender.

That’s because mentally strong people are confident that they are so good their partner will stay even if they get approached by Zac Efron or Sofia Vergara.

If they jump into bed with another person – so be it! It means that person is not right for you!

2. They don’t over-analyze everything

You know, just because your girl sighed while you were cutting cucumbers doesn’t mean she was annoyed by you or that she dreamt of sleeping with somebody else at that moment.

Just because your girlfriend once put away her phone as soon as you walked into the room, doesn’t mean she’s cheating on you. Mentally strong people don’t try to find the hidden meaning behind everything their partner does.

They do keep their eyes open though, but over-analyzing stuff is for the mentally weak.beautiful Russian ladies photos

3. They don’t live in the past

Hey, that break up of yours with this hot Russian girl must have been tough, but you’re in a new relationship now – so quit getting mushy over the past!

You may be looking at picture of Russian girls that you used to date or getting annoyed every time your girlfriend’s ex resurfaces on Facebook, but here’s what you need to remember: what happened in the past, stays in the past.

The past is behind you and your girlfriend.

Mentally strong people don’t dwell on the past, because every mentally strong person is focused on living in the present and making sure that the future of their relationship is bright.

Your hot girl from russia may have had multiple boyfriends before you, but you can’t change that. No need to freak out about something that had happened before this girl fell in love with you.

Live strong in the present, and treat the past merely as a source of inspiration to be a better person now.

4. They learn from their mistakes

The greatest thing about the past is that it has already happened. And you can either learn from your mistakes or ignore it and make the same mistakes over and over again.

Nobody is born perfect – and no relationship is going to be perfect. Mentally strong people use every opportunity, every argument, every fight, every disagreement, every tiny piece of distrust as a way to learn from their mistakes.

Be sure that both you and your partner make mistakes every single day – whether you say something wrong, you don’t do something you could’ve done to make your partner feel better…

Don’t refuse to make improvements in your relationship – and use your past mistakes as your bitter-sweet lessons.Russian dating

5. They don’t humiliate their partner to feel better about themselves

Hey, if you’re doing this even occasionally, then we have bad news for you. You’re not as mentally strong as you think you’re.

When people put down their partners in order to feel better about themselves, they feel this immediate relief and feeling of dominance.

Mentally strong people don’t need to treat their loved ones this way just to get that feeling of relief. No matter how easy and comforting it is to put the blame on your partner, man up and admit your mistakes.

One of the greatest reasons to date a Russian girl is that they listen to their partners and they establish a deep connection with their loved one.

Mentally strong people know that in order to have a prosperous and smooth relationship, you need to cheer up your partner, not humiliate them.

6. They get out of unhealthy relationships

Mentally strong people have a sensible understanding of what are healthy and unhealthy relationships.

If they see that things don’t work out and their relationship – no matter how perfect it was in the beginning – is falling apart, they get out before more damage is done.

Mentally strong people recognize the dangers of staying in unhealthy relationships.

7. They never give up

Being in a relationship can be tough. But a mentally strong person never give ups the second his or her relationship gets complicated.

Mentally strong people understand that if they really value their relationship, they will do whatever it takes to make this relationship work.