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8 useful Tips to get more replies

One of the challenges users of Russian dating sites face is getting replies. This problem applies to male and females alike. For the men, it is getting replies from the Russian women they admired so badly and for the females, it is getting attention altogether. it is frustrating when you spend hours online trying to hit on a girl and all your efforts receive cold response. Getting attention is easy if you follow the simple tips below.

Russian women 1. Make your profile picture attractive
An attractive profile picture will get you the much needed attention. Some guys think it is only the girls that need a good profile picture but this is not true. Everyone using a dating website should make sure their profile picture stands out. Good profile picture for a girl will get her attention from men. Hot sexy Russian girls usually get more messages than they can reply to every day. Often, they will view the profiles of the men and pick the ones that are cute looking and reply to them while ignoring the others.

2. Send short messages
The rule here is ‘the shorter the better’. Russian beauties will read short messages faster than when you send them what looks like a textbook. Some men get too anxious to pour out their heart that they will send a long write up and expect the Russian brides to read them. If you are in that category, pray she doesn’t get another shorter message because she will definitely ditch yours for the other.

3. Take it slow
We know you type fast but please cut out the show off when you are seeking Russian for love. Russians do not have English as their mother tongue and she may be slow in typing in English so give her enough time to reply. Piling the strings of messages will not be helpful in any way.

4. Sound funny in your first message
The world is becoming filled with worries and everyone especially young Russian girls will like to have a moment of laughter every once in a while. A short funny quote as your icebreaker may just be what will earn you the desired spot in her heart.

5. Avoid starting a discussion with a question
It is totally wrong to attempt to hit on a girl and the first thing that ever comes to your head is a question. For crying out loud, are you a member of the police force? Blonde Russian girls may sound funny but why must you ask at such an early stage? Even if you must inquire what formed her choice of going blonde, why not wait till both of you have grown your relationship to some length?

6. A simple ‘HI’ is enough
Instead of sending a long string of message to someone you have never chatted with before or asking annoying messages, sending a simple ‘HI’ is enough. Research has shown that ninety percent of girls will easily reply to a ‘HI’ than other messages.

Russian beauties7. Catch her online
Girls will easily reply to messages that pop up when they are online more than those they meet on log in. it may not be convenient but if you can catch your crush online, there is just no way she will not reply your message.

8. Arrange a web cam chat
Russian web cam chat is really interesting because it gives the girl the opportunity to see you as you are. In fact, Russian ladies love this. Arrange a webcam chat with her. She most likely will give a nod. Try to impress her and you will get her unwavering attention.