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9 Modern Dating Rules You Should Be Following with Russian girls in 2018

charmdateThe online dating world is changing at a supersonic speed. But not keeping up to date with the modern dating culture is ruining your chance to meet Russian girls.

We can’t seem to keep up with all the modern dating terms floating around – benching, ghosting, zombieing – so many of us just give up trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work nowadays.

But let’s cut through that fat layer of mayhem that is the modern dating culture to understand what rules you should be following to date Russian women in 2018.

hottest Russian girlsKnow what you’re looking for. Nothing is worse for a guy (besides wearing sandals with socks) than not knowing what he is looking for during Russian girls dating. Is it a casual date? Is it a wham bam thank you ma’am thing? Or is it actually a committed relationship?

Don’t be afraid to make a move online. Most fellas are afraid of Russian online dating because they simply can’t overcome their fear and fail to initiate a conversation. I hate to break it to you, but staring at photos of hottest Russian girls won’t get you far.

Don’t be a fake. Know this: Russian hot women appreciate honesty. Being fake and trying to make your life look perfect won’t help you in dating Russian girls (after all, all lies get exposed sooner or later). Oh, yeah, and… the mishmash of Donald Trump’s masculinity and the mysteriousness of Johnny Depp is not going to impress her on your first date. Be yourself.

Personalize your first message. Copy and pasting messages to send out compliments to multiple Russian girls at once is a race to the bottom. Why? Because Russian hot women can tell when a message is just a copy and paste.

Don’t be annoying. There are quite a few things that annoy Russian hot women online, including poor grammar, using too many emojis, being sexist or obnoxious, and joking around when she’s trying to have a serious chat (oh, did we mention poor hygiene?). Don’t be that guy, or dating a Russian woman will be a pipe dream.

Russian hot womenTalk less, listen more. There is no bigger red flag for a woman than a guy who doesn’t know how to communicate with Russian girls. To be a good chat buddy, men must listen more and talk less. If you seem to be running out of topics, you’re solely responsible of finding new topics to keep the conversation going. That’s how you play ball online.

Hold your horses. Yep, we’re talking about the horses in your pants. Horny guys and jerks have created major obstacles for all the nice guys out there trying to meet Russian girls. There is a false assumption floating in the air that 100% of all guys on online dating websites care only about sex. Well, if you’re truly interested in dating Russian girls, prove her wrong by NOT discussing 18+ topics during your first conversation, or worse, trying to invite her over to your place to “Netflix and chill” straight away.

Don’t make things too complicated. While thinking about marriage and children is important – ironically, the more you think about it, the fewer the chances of actually meeting a potential life partner. That’s because people who seem too obsessed with finding their potential life partner tend to alienate people (who could one day end up tying the knot with you). So don’t complicate things, and date for the fun of it. The rest will come naturally.

Don’t take shirtless mirror selfies. Seriously, guys. It’s 2018 already, I’m surprised that we even need to still be talking about this!

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