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A Bullet-Proof Way to Meet Russian Girls This Thanksgiving (Even Though Russians Don’t Celebrate It) on a Russian dating site

If you’re into Russian dating and want to find the Russian wife, you might as well want to learn more about Russian holidays and traditions.

The commonly asked question foreigners ask top Russian babes on online dating websites is, “Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Russia?

And the answer is usually “No.” But there is a twist. Look, Thanksgiving is only celebrated in Canada and the United States. It is the holiday when families and friends get together to share special meals and give thanks for what they have.

Russian womenSince Thanksgiving is closely linked to America’s heritage and tradition, Russians don’t celebrate this day (the fourth Thursday of November each year) on a public holiday level (obviously).

However, Thanksgiving is often an excuse for Russians to get together, meet their friends, family and loved ones, say what they are thankful for and eat delicious Russian foods.

That’s why you may not see meals that include a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and other traditional Thanksgiving dishes served in the U.S. on the best pictures from Russian dating sites, where hot Russian brides pose for selfies with their family and friends at the end of November.

Russian Women are Ready for Thanksgiving

Russian brides singleSince Thanksgiving is a four-day weekend in the U.S., it’s a popular time for vacations and trips abroad. Many single American men choose to go to Russia on Thanksgiving in the hope to meet Russian brides single on the streets.

And many Russian girls are aware of that, which is why you may see even more hot Russian women all dolled up, with fancy hairstyles and wearing beautiful outfits on the streets of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, where most foreigners come to visit, around Thanksgiving.

But traveling thousands of miles just to land in Russia – especially when it’s freezing cold at the end of November – in the hope to find and marry a Russian bride may seem like a daunting (and counter-productive) task.

Moreover, if you come back to your country empty-handed, it will mean that you’ve wasted your precious four-day weekend for nothing. I mean, you still get to see beautiful Russia and encounter hundreds of gorgeous ladies, but it’s still a miss.

But Here’s a Bullet-Proof Way to Meet Russian Girls on Thanksgiving

That’s why a smarter way to meet Russian girls bride would be to sign up on an online dating website such as CharmDate, one of the leading Russian and Ukrainian dating websites in the world.

Not only do you get to see Russian woman photos (and choose the best one among millions of Russian hot blondes, brunettes and redheads), but also get to chat prior to your first date to see if you two are on the same page.

best pictures from Russian dating sitesChatting with hot Russian brides online before asking them out is a pre-selection stage in Russian dating, as this is your unique opportunity to find out about a girl’s goals, needs and interests when it comes to dating.

Moreover, with online dating, you get a unique chance to look for Russian brides single weeks or even months prior to Thanksgiving in order to get to know each other better and spend Thanskgiving together (either by traveling to Russia or inviting the lady to your cozy home abroad).

Bottom line is this: even though Russian women don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Russia, any hot Russian woman would love to visit a foreign country at this time of the year to escape the freezing cold homeland and meet new people.

Bonus: Russian women do love to eat turkeys and stuffing, since Russians mostly eat chicken and beef while turkey is somewhat of a delicacy in Russia. So it’s a win-win.charmdate