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A Surprising Truth About What Type of Men Do Women Like These Days

You’ve probably seen hot russian women making out with not-so-much attractive guys.

And every time you’ve asked yourself the question “what type of men do women like these days,” you were unable to get to the bottom of it.

So let’s delve into the surprising truth of what type of men do women like in 2017 and find out what type of guys sexually attract hot russian women to give you an edge on best of russian dating sites.

As much as you would like to see russian girls without dress, it can be a struggle to get a Russian girl to like you.senior russian dating

That’s because russian girls attract a ridiculous amount of male attention on best of russian dating sites. And just because a man is handsome, doesn’t mean he’s a good partner in bedroom and life in general.

But there are quite a few things you can do to became that alpha male, all-desired man who can get any beautiful women from russia he wants. Does that sound like something you need? Well, keep reading then…

It’s not about looking good

Here’s a bad (or good) news for you: when it comes to what type of men do women like these days – it’s not all about looks. And it’s true for both senior russian dating and young adult Russian dating.

While looking after your hygiene, being in good shape (not perfect, Zac Efron-like shape) and grooming your facial hair is important, having a Hollywood actor’s smile, handsome facial features and a muscular body won’t necessarily help get into the panties of that hot blonde russian girl you’ve been chatting with.

That’s because when it comes to sexual attraction in women, it’s quite the opposite when compared to how it works for men.

While about 90% of men will sleep with a girl based only on her physical appearances, most hot russian women won’t have sex with a man just because he’s cute and handsome.

So if you’re still wondering what types of men do women like these days, it’s definitely not about looking cute and handsome.

Whether you chat in russia dating website or having a physical interaction with russian girls, beautiful women from russia are attracted to ALL TYPES of men who display naturally attractive, confident and masculine personality traits and blonde russian girl

The PERFECT Type of man is…

Here is a brief description of the perfect man in every hot russian women eyes to answer your question what types of men do women like these days:

  • A man that speaks and does everything with confidence. Whether he’s talking to her or interacting with other people around, a man should display genuine confidence 24/7.
  • A man that reflects the alpha male behavior: he should be masculine in how he talks, behaves and even thinks in his mind. Masculinity dampens the panties of beautiful women from russia.
  • A man that respects every woman – not only his girlfriend or the girl he’s trying to sleep with – and is loving and respectful of himself.
  • A man with a good sense of humor. Don’t confuse a good sense of humor with having to crack jokes every 10 seconds and reducing yourself to the clown status.

How to be HER TYPE on online dating website?

beautiful women from russiaLet’s put that into perspective of the question what type of men do women like these days. Let’s say you’re a guy who initiates a chat with a hot blonde russian girl on best of russian dating sites.

If you run out of topics to chat about pretty quick, or you display nervousness and self-doubt throughout your chat and Live Video Chat, she will instinctively think that you’re not her type.

But remember that you had her attention in the beginning – as she didn’t reject you right away – but you failed to meet her expectations. So it’s logical to conclude that Russian online dating is not about looks.

If you’re, on the other hand, a type of guy who chats with hot russian women in a relaxed, confident and slightly humorous way, then any girl will most likely be attracted no matter how you look like on your profile picture.

In this case, the girl will instinctively think that you’re her type – again, no matter what your profile pic shows.