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American vs. Russian Dating

Our times have seen us come across so many Russian women dating partners abroad, making most observers assume that the Slavic ladies are not into local men. That isn’t true. In fact, Russian women appreciate their local men, except that some fail to fit within their portrait and choose to rush to America for their other better half. In an almost similar trend, Western women are attracted to the Russian men and find them charming. I guess we are never contended with that which is within our reach, isn’t it so?

But the trend may be somewhat biased because besides the majority of the Russian women preferring to date Western men, it seems many people are leaning towards dating Russian men and women. This looks great for Russian dating community.

So what’s the difference between American and Russian dating? This article takes an in depth look into the subject matter and gives useful tips on dating a Russian woman.

Humor at Dinner Time

Russian women dating

American culture is undeniably different from Russian culture, and so is their humor. People growing in these two zones are exposed to different environments that are known to detect ones story telling tastes. Before you get used to each other, you will be telling jokes on that important dinner, but left staring as you try to grasp what your partner just said. In a most cases, Russian humor translated to English leaves you with an Oops! Gasp.

Attitudes in Relationships

To the Russian sexy hot girls, relations are just relations, nothing less nothing more. If it’s dating they give it their best and want to establish something solid with you. Having been brought up in a culture that discourages women from being in charge, but instead obedient to their spouses, your Russian partner will tend to be compliant.

This is contrasted to American girls who are busy chasing positions in firms, trying to establish their own companies or join the army. Generally, they are more independent and appear as though they don’t need men help. Their goals are well listed – get a good job with a good pay, buy an apartment and then find a partner with whom they can share life. Partners will collectively share responsibilities and sustain each other as opposed to the Russian single lady who will expect you cater for everything.


Unlike the West, Russian dating customs come with lots of superstitions that you will find fascinating. If you aren’t easy going, then they will be quite annoying. For instance, you cannot whistle in the house, neither can you spill salt. If you spill salt, get prepared for an argument with a member of your family. Say goodbye to sitting on the corner table lest you’ll never marry her.

Life GoalsRussian sexy hot girls

If you date an American woman, you are basically dating someone whose top priority is her professional life. They face each day with the determination to prove their worth and thus are hard-working. In fact, many would prefer they get into an open relationship as opposed to getting married and raise children. Expect to begin thinking of settling down in your thirties where you can start to plan about raising children.

Russian women, especially those in Moscow and other big cities, are determined to get educated, good jobs and raise children. But as a result of their society’s norms, Russian girls dating tends to be younger and could even get married for 20 years. Sometimes they get married to the ‘wrong men’ and then divorce in their late twenties to start looking for the ‘better’ partner. All in all, they priority is to have happy family.

Russian women dating tips

  • Understand if your partner’s parent force feed you. It’s rude not to eat much when at her parent’s home
  • Love cats because most Russians prefer pet cats
  • Don’t get angry when told straight on face – girl of Russia cannot beat around the bush
  • Try out Russian foods. Don’t be perplexed with the weird ingredients used.

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