Are these Latin Girls Emotionally Ready? 15 Tips to Make Sure

Latin girls are the most desirable ones for many men in the world. Maybe it is because of the fire in their veins or their privileged bodies; maybe just because of their smile and elegance. Whatever the reason is, you have to make sure that by the moment you´ll invest all in having a relationship with her, she is in the same chapter you are. Chasing women to have a relationship when they want way less is a burden and can really harm your self-esteem. Follow these 15 tips and make sure there´s water in the pool before you jump in.

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You are the One Making the Moves (Always)

Colombian women have fire in their blood. It is not very likely of them to be waiting for someone else to make a move, so if you are the one that is always reaching out to her chances are, she is just not into you the way you want her to be.

She Told you Straight Up

This is kind of a no brainer but there isn´t worse deaf than the one not willing to listen. If she told you straight up and you are still building air castles in your head, then your imagination is the one to blame.

She Cancels Plans

This is very likely to happen when someone is not that interested in being with you or not ready for a relationship. She might even do it on purpose for you to understand that she doesn´t want anything serious with you.

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Nobody Knows you´re with Her (and She Wants to Keep it That Way)

Latin brides usually put their boyfriend´s face all over social media with huge demonstrations of care and love. If nobody knows about your existence and she wants to keep it that way, she is not into a relationship.

Freedom is a Conversation Topic

If she states time and again just how good it feels to be free and wants to keep it that way, you are not a part of her plans. The best thing you can do in this kind of circumstance is to give her what she wants: freedom.

Unreliable for the Big Moments

A pretty Colombian woman will be there for you when you need her to be. I don´t mean to be repeating myself, but Latin people have fire in their veins and won´t take a “halfway there” when they want commitment.

You´re Not the Only One

When you see Colombian women photos and they are not alone in them, chances are they are going out with someone else and you are not the only one. it is not a bad thing; women can be with several men as much as we can be with several women; it is just that you want monogamy and she doesn´t.

The Future is not a Conversation Topic

If the future is not a conversation topic but freedom is, it is very hard to be shouting at you what they want any louder. She doesn´t want plans because she doesn´t want a relationship; period. A single woman dating someone who is willing to commit should be on the same page with him. Otherwise the future is not a topic.

No Interest in Meeting your Friends

If you have invited her time and again to meet your people and she is always giving an excuse and dodging the bullets, she doesn´t want to be in a relationship with you. Just take a look at the facts and move on.

She is Just in it for the Sex

Beautiful Latina girls get as much sex as they want to; it is just the way the world spins. Don´t be judgmental with them, break that taboo that women don´t like sex as much as men do. She is in it for the fun and doesn´t want anything else, you have been there too, right?

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Little or No Time Investment in You

Time investment in the 21st Century is the biggest show of love someone can have for someone else. Time is little, more and more reduced as time goes by. If she doesn´t give it to you, she is saving it for someone else.

She Uses the Word Friend to Describe you

Even when you are in a chat online Colombia and she uses that word to refer to you or even introduces you to her friends with that title is because she doesn´t want anything serious with you.

She Keeps Info About Her Life

If there is one thing that women like doing when they want to be in a relationship with someone, that is to tell them things about her life and introduce him to every important people in her life. If it doesn´t happen, you already know the answer.

There is No Way you can have “The Talk” with Her

“The talk” is the moment in which you decide to be with someone, set the terms and conditions and take it all to the next level. If she eludes that kind of talk with you, chances are she is not interested in taking that step to the future with you.


Gorgeous Latina women have hot blood running through their veins and the case scenario is usually the opposite to this one, they go too fast for us. If any or all of these tips ring a bell on your current relationship, the best thing to do is walk away because you will end up lonely, hurt and empty-handed. If you see these signs in the person you are trying to be with, the best thing you can do is to move on and away; save your energy for someone who really wants to. (Date Beautiful Latin women now)

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