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Are You Being Too Clingy?

One step to getting better at dating is to know whether you are too clingy or not. The moment you and your beautiful Russian girl begin dating or are already married, it is important to exploit the possibility of this behavior weighing either of you down. You may find yourself calling your female partner more than normal just to know the people she is hanging out with, what she is doing or that sort of stuff.

This is the kind of supervision that turns out to be irritating and eventually gets to ones nerves. Conflicts are bound to rise up and in worst case scenario, she may leave.

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Majority of folks who have had the opportunity to date hot Russian girls have in one way or the other cited this as the reason for their relationship ending. But that shouldn’t be any excuse. Before you get all insecure, try putting yourself in her shoes. These sexy Russian blondes make huge sacrifices and move abroad just to be with you. The country is foreign to her. She probably can’t speak a quarter of your language clearly. You are her anchor on which she is able to cope up with this new life and she wants to be sure your grip is firm enough. So insecurity should be the last thing on your mind.

At the initial stages of the relationship, being clingy may not be apparent. At first, you may feel as though it is love but as you progress, you begin to feel distanced from your love. That begs an important question. How can you tell that you are being too clingy? Read on to find out.

Being too clingy annoys her

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One weakness amongst Russian women is that when they love, they love for real and that’s it. They are focused on establishing a loving family with you. Bearing that in mind, they want to know that they have your full trust. They want to be guaranteed that you are on their side 24/7. That makes it vital that you act in a manner that suggests you trust them. Being too clingy is not one of such ways.

She may be having a great time with her female friends, or even male friends and you are busy demanding she comes back home only to get bored in the sofa with you. She will get angry, find you boring and eventually start to have second thoughts. Let her have her time, do not invade her privacy. If she realizes that you are fond of reading through her messages, she will set a trap to catch and when she does, things won’t be good for you.

So then, how can you tell if you are too clingy? Read on to learn more about this irritating behavior.

    1. You frequently text her

If your strong Russian women tells you that she is going out with her friends and all you can do is text her every minute, she will feel pressured. When your texts go unanswered, you need not to get angry, just relax until she is in a position text back.

Russian girls seeking men do not want a man who will keep on checking on them every now and then. They need your protection yes, but they are also strong enough to protect themselves.

    2. Her delayed response gets you nervous

As already pointed out, some exotic Russian women may get you sweaty and nervous after they delay a response to your text. Clingy and insecurity are inseparable. If she doesn’t ‘reply on time’, you begin to get suspicious and feel some other man is stealing her time from you.

 sexy Russian blondes   3. You are ever around her

Just like you, women also need space to do their things. Being too much around her gets to her nerves and she may start planning an escape path. If she is hanging out with her friends and you all of a sudden appear, be sure it will surprise her the first day but on the second one, it will irritate her.

    4. You scrutinize her social media activities

Ladies from Russia are said to have embraced social media just as the men have. Simply put, the number of Russian women on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, name them all, is theoretically equal to the number men on the social platforms. That means they post a lot about themselves online.

You are too clingy if you are the kind of a man who is ever asking her about this person she took Facebook selfies with or this other party she was in last year. Do not over scrutinize her Social media postings.

It’s no secret that Russian beauty is one of the most astounding in the world. Don’t spoil this because of a too clingy behavior.

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