Russian woman

Beautiful Russian girls are out there waiting to chat with you–but don’t make these common mistakes

These days it seems like everyone is talking about the advantages of dating online. There are so many apps, websites, online meet-ups and the like–its amazing any of us have an y time for work! And for my money, dating Russian singles is the best. Russian girls have this amazing combination of tough and sexy that just sends me over the moon.

Heck, who doesn’t like Russian women? Have you ever watched women’s tennis? My god, the long legs, the blond hair, those cheekbones Russian girlsand piercing blue eyes–I could die a happy man if I could marry a Russian girl, let me tell you.

For me one of the most amazing things about Russian women is that they don’t seem to age up to a certain point. Everyone talks about how Asian women don’t age, but believe me, older Russian women can be quite a catch!

So anyway, let’s assume we’re all on the same page here, regarding Russian girls and how awesome they are. And lets say too that we’re all sophisticated enough that we’ve tried the Russian dating sites to some success. Here are some ways you can improve your chances on your next date with a beautiful Russian woman–or if you’re a newbie to the Russian dating scene, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Overselling yourself – This is a common mistake on first dates with anyone, but especially when meeting people from another culture or country. We’re so excited to make ourselves understood that its easy to puff ourselves up. It can often be an honest mistake too: in the rush of nerves and excitement and hormones of being on a first date, you can easily let it slip that you’re an IT manager, for instance, when really you just work in the IT department. But little things like this can add up. And these things will come out, with Russian girls my experience is that it usually sooner rather than later, too. I can promise you, honesty is a hugely important thing in Russian culture. A Russian woman will see through phoniness and bluster in a second.
  • Russian womenAssuming your own (and your country’s) superiority – Another common mistake when meeting people from another country is assuming that they are going to be all in when it comes to the greatness of your country over theirs. But think about this from their perspective: even if they can acknowledge some problems exist in their own country, heck even if they outright say they are hoping to relocate, they are still going to have some love for the place. Tread carefully here; there are things we can say about our own place of birth that other people cannot.
  • Playing detective – Here’s the thing: Russian online dating has had a bad reputation, on and off for a while now. but mostly these are issues that have long been resolved, as those of us who are involved it the scene well know. It’s people coming in cold who think there are still tons of dangers in terms of credit card scams, fake girls, things like that. But if you go on a date with a hot Russian girl and all you can think of is trying to trap her into confessing to some scam or another, she’s going to know. And she’s going to be offended. You are not one of the detectives on “Law and Order.” You’re not going to break her down. I mean, be sensible, if you think something is amiss, in real life or online, get out of there. but by and large, if you go through a reputable site like Hot Russian Brides for instance, you are going to be fine.

Bottom line: be smart, but be polite! Engage and listen, and be open to new experiences–after all that’s why we’re here, right?