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Behaviors That Are Major Turn Off for Women

Women are very particular about their gender counterpart. Once they date someone, they pay much attention to the actions and demeanor of their date. Colombian girls want a presentable man. There are some characteristics that they consider as major turn off. These are the following:

  1. Untidy men –Beautiful Latin girl don’t don’t like untidy men. They are very particular about the hygiene. They notice every detail, including the nails and body odor. Dirty nails are a major turn off. Do not attempt to touch her if your nails are long and dirty. Once she noticed it, it will surely be the end of the blossoming romance.
  2. You are rude to others – Nobody wants to be in a relationship or at least be associated with someone who has a rude behavior. A rude behavior is not only a major turn off for beautiful single women but also to men too. If you really want to keep your woman, then learn how to be polite with others. Believe me, she pays attention to how you treat others.Latin women looking for American men
  3. Bad shoe taste –You might find it weird, but women do notice your shoes. They say that you can see the personality of men by simply looking at his shoes. It’s not like you need to have the latest design or brand of shoes. It is more like how you carry yourself with your shoes and whether or not you have a clean shoe. Dirty shoes are a reflection of a chaotic personality, and it is a major turn off for women.
  4. You are not listening when she speaks – Latin women looking for American men are a conversationalist. They are opinionated, and they love to talk. When they talk, they want to be reciprocated. They want it to be an interesting conversation. Not listening to your girl while she speaks is a major turn off. More so, if she finds you sleeping in the middle of the conversation. It is a big NO!
  5. Body odor – Everybody has a body odor, but it is how you take care of yourself that will control the smell. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, or you don’t put deodorant, you will surely stink. If you are planning to date stunning girls make sure you take a bath, put deodorant, and keep yourself well-groomed. This simple measures can help keep your woman.
  6. You are late – Who likes a person who is always late? Time is gold. This saying is true in dating. Coming late only goes to show that you are not giving much importance to your date. If you really consider her important, you will not show up late.Beautiful Latin girl
  7. You ignore her jokes – It is rare to find women who love to throw jokes out of the blue. If she throws funny lines, make her feel that you appreciate her attempt to make you laugh. Ignoring her jokes can jeopardize your blossoming relationship. Not complimenting her jokes only goes to show that you are not listening to her.

Colombian women are fun to be with. You might think that they don’t notice every single detail, but you are wrong. The truth is they are keen observers. They notice every detail. If you don’t want to turn them off, then make sure you follow the tips mentioned above. If you want to meet Latin women and chat with American girls, just sign up on free online dating sites. It is where you can access Colombian women pictures. You can also chat with American girl or browse Latin girls pictures.The right girl is right there waiting for you.