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Can A Girl Be Fired For Looking ‘Too Attractive’? Turns Out, She can!

You may look like a model – whether you’re an American lady or a hot russian female – but don’t expect your manager to give you a salary bump for it. Expect being fired!

That’s exactly what happened to 24-year-old freelancer Emma Hulse, who was fired from her TV job for “looking too attractive.”

The news immediately went viral all over the Internet with many russian and ukrainian girls expressing their outrage over the seemingly absurd incident.

russian and ukrainian girlsMost single ladies from russia experience workplace discrimination on a daily basis. It’s not only that Russian men have more chances to land a job (unless it’s a secretary job – where beautiful sexy russian women are preferred), but also the gender pay gap.

It’s not only being sexually harassed by bosses and managers at work, but also – as it turns out from Mrs. Hulse’s experience – getting fired for looking “too attractive.”

These sexist and misogynist workplace experiences result in hot women from russia seeking work opportunities overseas – which is why there are so many russian singles dating site.

Was the ‘too attractive’ woman inappropriate for a workplace?

Mrs. Hulse was just minutes into her shift as a camera operator at a London TV company when a male manager told her to go home for looking “too attractive,” according to Refinery29.

The 24-year-old woman, who is no stranger to posting raunchy photos on Instagram flaunting her sexy body, told the Evening Standard that her agent later texted her telling her that her service were no longer required by the company.

beautiful sexy russian womenThis naturally prompted Hulse to go speak to the manager, who started asking her questions about her “attractive looks.” The sexist manager kept asking her if she is a model and if she is doing catwalks.

“Why are you not at the front of house?”

While there’s no photo of Hulse’s look the day she was considered to be inappropriately looking – though it’s strange the young woman didn’t document it on her Instagram account that bustles with rather provocative nearly 300 images – she says she was only wearing a lipstick and “from my perspective I was not inappropriate.”

“I was wearing a shirt and trousers. I really didn’t think I looked inappropriate,” Mrs. Hulse said.

Russian ladies face workplace discrimination

As if firing a young woman for looking “too attractive” wasn’t enough to be labeled a sexist and misogynist, the manager asked for Hulse’s number after firing her and suggested they go for a drink outside of work.

While there’s no telling if Hulse accepted the manager’s invitation, any self-respecting russia lady – and there are plenty of those on russian dating websites – would reject such an offer from a sexist.

single ladies from russiaFor those wondering ‘why date a russian girl’ – most Russian women seek foreign men online to get a better treatment, as single ladies from russia can no longer put up with workplace discrimination in Russia that is plagued by the stereotypical idea that attractive women can’t be also intelligent.

Mrs. Hulse could not believe that firing beautiful women for being “too attractive” is a thing. The woman says that she has previously worked for “many different companies” and no manager has ever fired her for looking inappropriate.

Adam Luckwell, who owns the company the sexist manager of which fired Hulse, confirmed that the manager who harassed the woman was later fired.

Luckwell claims that the sexist manager was dismissed from the company after “a probationary period and was with the company for less than three months.” While Luckwell says he’s not aware of Hulse’s particular situation, he offered his “sincere” apologies to the young woman.

Millions of women around the world face sexual harassment at work every day – and beautiful sexy russian women are more prone to the workplace discrimination than others due to their natural beauty.

That’s why so many single ladies from russia sign up on online dating websites to seek a better treatment from foreign men and be able to potentially get employed outside their country.