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Can a Rebound with Russian Ladies Heal Your Heartbreak? (And is This Cruel?)

Breaking up sucks. The moment your (now former) significant other walks out of the door, you realize how painful a breakup is.  Would it make you feel better rushing into a rebound with Russian ladies right after a bad breakup?

You may have been convinced that breaking up was the right thing to do, but now you get into the post-breakup phase when you start second-guessing your decision.

And along with the sleepless second-guessing come loads of bitter tears, tons of ice cream, days (or weeks) of binge-watching dramas about heartbreaks, lots of self-hatred and a terribly low self-esteem.

Russian girlsThat’s quite a package to live with! But you don’t have to. You’ve probably heard this already, but getting a rebound is one of the most effective ways to deal with a heartache.

Meaning: a rebound is a person you date (hook up with; or simply focus your attention on) so that you can forget about and distract yourself from your recent breakup and feel less bad about yourself.

And with the rise of online dating that offers us to chat with and date Russian ladies online, getting an online rebound after a breakup sounds easier than ever.

But before you jump into a rebound with Russian girls head-on and start having Russian live video chat to distract yourself from your breakup, there are some things to consider.

Studies show that rebounds are effective to deal with breakups

Russian singles in AmericaA study found that people who get a rebound shortly after their breakup are more confident when it comes to their self-esteem and romantic desirability (thinking you’re an undesirable slob after getting out of a long-term relationship is not uncommon).

This sounds like great news. In fact, those who chose to engage in a rebound said they were able to forget their ex-partner faster than those who chose to stay single after a breakup and engage in self-loathing and ice cream-devouring.

While the study alone suggests that you shouldn’t hesitate and go order a Russian mail order wife or engage in a hot Russian girl video session (or even go on Russian dating tours!) to distract yourself from your ex, let’s look at the moral side of getting a rebound.

Is getting a rebound cruel to your rebound partner?

Some people argue that getting a rebound in a bid to boost their self-esteem and forget about their ex is somewhat cruel to your rebound partner.

The thing is: people whose hearts have been broken not long ago usually don’t stay for too long in relationships that come shortly after the breakup. And it makes sense why.

That means a rebound is just a short-lived fling to heal your wounds and get rid of a heartbreak. So unless you’re straightforward with your rebound partner and tell her that the relationship will probably never get far, getting a rebound may be a cruel thing to do.

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How to get a rebound

Now that we’ve gotten the cruel part off our chest, let’s consider your options when it comes to getting a rebound online.

There are quite a few Russian women over 40 on online dating websites to choose from; or if you’re looking for young Russian singles in America, online dating websites should be the first place to look for a rebound.

Thanks to the online dating phenomenon, you don’t necessarily need to engage in a physical romantic relationship to heal your breakup wounds. Multiple studies have shown that an emotional connection can boost your self-esteem and heal your soul much more than a physical one.

So if you’re not ready to commit to a relationship yet, it’s advised to go browse through Russian women looking for husbands online and choose one.

Chat with her, distract yourself from your past troubles in video chats, laugh together, share fascinating stories… get to know each other better. Not only will it help you get over your ex, but also may result in a new, strong relationship that will last long (not just a short-lived rebound hookup).

This, my broken heart-ed friends, is how you deal with breakups like a pro and don’t scar the hearts of other people in the process. Find your online rebound today if your self-esteem seems lower than ever and you can’t fall asleep because of the unbearable heartache.