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Can You Get Tipsy On Your First Date?

Now we know you must be thinking that oh I can control myself. I can have only one drink and not get tipsy. Well you are only lying to yourself. You cannot have just one drink and you cannot stop yourself from getting tipsy. Let’s not kid ourselves. We all know that one drink turns into five and that not so tipsiness turns into, hello drunk, I am not officer. Maybe worse than the run in with Johnny law is the fact that you will almost certainly, no not almost certainly, you will one hundred percent, always lose your date and that hot single Russian that you just spent the day talking to will walk away.

chatting with Russian girlsShe will walk away thinking that you are a douche and you will have deserved it. You will then wake up in a cell and will not remember why you have lipstick on. This is especially to be kept in mind when you are dating Russian women, talking to single Russian girls, chatting with Russian girls, mingling with the Russian ladies, or looking for hot women from Russia. If you forget these rules your Russian date will not be impressed! You will look like an article from Buzzfeed Russian dating.

All of this paints a very pretty picture and tells you the reasons why you should not drink on your first date, however there are reasons why you should too. See, if you don’t drink, your date is likely to wonder why, and then she will wonder if you are an alcoholic. Or if you are a psychopath. Or worse a ‘highly functioning sociopath’.

What you need to consider is what she may take this as. She may also take this as a sign that you cannot control yourself and that is why you are not drinking in front of her, which she will see as a warning sign. She will then not be comfortable being around you, especially when you are alone. And let’s face it you want her alone so that you can do all those things that you both will love. Especially if you want to be in the cool crowd of the hot Russian personals.

See this is like Russian roulette or should we say Russian dating, we will say Russian dating, because you should be doing Russian dating not Russian roulette. So unless you want that hot single Russian to walk away you need to think about what you will do. Lets take for an instance that you are dating a Russian women. You want her to feel comfortable and be comfortable around you. What we would suggest is that you see how the night is going, see if you and that hot Russian women are enjoying yourselves, if you are both people who drink, then and only then should you drink, and you need to learn to control yourself. Let’s face it, you are not a kid any more, you are not anyone’s ward, you need to take care of yourself and you need to take care that you do not hurt anyone. So you need to drink only if you can control it. Losing your cool will not impress Russian Ladies.

dating Russian womenYou should also keep the possibility in mind that you may not be able to land another date with the hot Russian women and so you need to be in control of yourself so that you retain composure and act in a dignified manner. Because any one who sees you loose it will not be interested in going out with you or even talking to you especially if your way of dealing with rejection is ugly. Keep all this in mind when with your Russian date.

So go ahead and drink and have fun because that is why you are out there but be responsible and be sure not to hurt anyone or yourself .so make the decision wisely, she may even be the person who doesn’t drink and may take this as a negative sign, so ask her if she drinks and then proceed to decide if you want to.

Especially if you are dating Russian women or a hot single Russian girls, but don’t forget, this rule also applies to if you are chatting with Russian girls, because where Russian ladies adore a man who can hold his drink and not just Russian personals they also want you to be able to hold your drink so that it does not come across as a buzzfeed Russian dating article. Trust us when we say hot women from Russia, hot single Russian girls, Russian Ladies, Hot Russian Personals, are not impressed with people who do not know how much drink they can handle.