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Colombian Women Dating – When Strong and Caring Men Crossover to Being Controlling

Colombian women dating American men frequently occurs because the women are tired of the obsessive and controlling nature of most Colombian men. Colombian women dating sites are full of beautiful Latina women seeking men who will treat them ultimately with respect and care without crossing into the controlling zone.Colombian Women Dating,Latina women seeking men,

Serious online dating sites will feature Latin girls images and beautiful Columbian girls who in failing to meet Colombians are seeking the warm security of a mutually caring relationship. These single women who like a little machoism are tired of taking the brunt of the difference between being caring and being controlling.

In the past, if you have had relationships fail because you were too controlling when all the while you thought you were showing care, it may be your perception between the two really are.

Take the following situations and analyze the difference between the caring response and the controlling response.

Caring vs. Controlling

Caring is about being invested in another person physically, mentally and emotionally. You meet Colombians and take the time to think about the other person’s needs.

Controlling is when you think the other person’s physical, mental and emotional stability is there to make your needs easier.

Single Latino dating girls might be easier to control because they are out to impress; however, in a relationship, mutual respect is not about control it is about care.

Times Where Lines Cross

1. Going out separately with friends

Just because you are in a mutually agreed exclusive relationship does not mean either one of you don’t deserve time away with friends. In fact, it’s healthy to maintain your own identity and continue friendships even when in a relationship with single girls. Just because you are in a relationship does not mean your previous life ceased to exist. It is healthy for both partners to maintain their own interests and some level of independence for his or her own sanity.

A Caring partner would say, “Have fun with your friends, please call me if you are going to be late or let me know you made it home safely.”

A Controlling partner’s alternative, “Why do you need other friends, you should stay in with me. Why didn’t you call me? You always need to call me.”

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2. Checking In

Checking in with your Colombian women dating partner should be done by both sides out of common courtesy. If you worry about each other, you call to make sure how your partner’s day went and to show actual concern about them.

Caring Partner – Hey honey, how did your big presentation go? I know you were worried.

Controlling Partner- This is the 4th time I’ve called you this morning. Where are you? Why aren’t you calling me back? – In other words, why aren’t you stopping what you are doing to make ME better.

3. Phones and Social Media

Never go through a phone or social media site looking for problems. You could create problems that weren’t even there. If you are doing this, you are already crossing the caring line into the controlling one. You are invading your beautiful Colombian girls’ privacy- this is a prime example of control.

The line between caring and controlling boils down to a matter of trust within the relationship also. Either each partner trusts the other and only wants the best for them and will want to help them succeed, or the trust level is not there, and one partner will then make the relationship about him/her self. Latina girls like strong men. However, a strong man that also know how to care for a woman properly is a keeper.