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Communication Skills For a Healthy Relationship: Be Stupid, Don’t Be a Wussy

Communication is a skill that needs to be mastered for a smooth and health relationship. But not everyone looking for a young russian wife understands what communication really is.

Every relationship with hot russian women has its ups and downs, and if you communicate improperly or don’t communicate at all, you won’t even blink before your relationship falls apart.

If you already have a young russian wife and want to maintain a healthy relationship for a long while, you might want to brush up your communication skills before you’ve ruined your relationship.

russia wifesIf you’re only in the process of finding a russian wife, then the question you must be asking yourself not “how do i find a russian bride?” but “how do I improve my communication skills before I even sign up on russian online dating sites?”

Reveal your expectations right away

Do you know why most relationships in russian dating crumble apart? Because either of the two partners gets disappointed. “It’s not something I expected,” they think.

Well, smart fellas and russian nature girls know this from unfortunate past dating experiences: if you don’t want to be disappointed later on, reveal your expectations early on in a relationship.

Is sex a priority for you? Do you want your wife to give you more space? Do you want to spend some time away from your girlfriend every two, three months? Do you want her to stop hanging out with male friends? Or do you want her to stop posting her sexy pics on Instagram?

If you don’t reveal your expectations early on in a relationship, you risk getting into serious disagreements – and possibly a breakup – later in the relationship. It’s not like russian nature girls can read your mind.

Reveal as much as possible to guarantee a smooth and healthy relationship. Hide nothing back – after all, all these things will emerge one day. It’s your decision to reveal them over a calm talk or through screaming at one another in a heated fight.russian dating

Be ‘stupid’

What we mean is: ask stupid questions and don’t be afraid of looking stupid. Ask what she likes, what makes her happy, what she is afraid of, what she would like to do and to not do in a relationship with you.

You know, hot russian women appreciate it when men care about how their russia wifes feel. Get to know your lady. This way, you’re covering the basics of your communication.

Shhh… Listen

Either you’re in the middle of a heated argument or you’re talking about your feelings peacefully, listen to what your partner has to say.

The problem with men dating women on russian online dating sites is that they often think about THEIR OWN response while the woman is speaking, instead of actually LISTENING to what she says.

It doesn’t matter how smart your response is, it matters how much of what your partner said you actually swallowed and made conclusions out of. After all, russian dating brides are not aliens, all they want is for you to be able to understand them.russian dating brides

Don’t be such a wussy

If you ever receive criticism from russia wifes, know this: they’re doing it only because they expect you to improve. Don’t take criticism from your Russian girlfriend personally.

If your girl says you look like an idiot in that T-shirt, what if she’s telling the truth? If she says you overreact to the things she says, what if you do really overreact and she’s just trying to look out for you and for your relationship?

Never take things personally and don’t get defensive. A relationship with hot russian women is not some battlefield where you throw bombs at one another to win.

There’s no winner in a relationship.

Talk to your girl, not friends

young russian wifeStatistically speaking, about 90% of all breakups could have been easily avoided if people revealed all their complaints about their partners TO their partners, not friends.

When we discuss the problems of our relationships with our friends, it’s comforting. But we rarely say those things to our partners. That’s a big communication mistake.

Your young russian wife may not realize that you’re annoyed by this or that she does. Or is she supposed to read your mind? We remind you: hot russian women in russian dating can’t read minds.

It’s not about ‘winning’

When you’re in the process of finding a russian wife, you’re looking to win yourself a date on russian online dating sites.

But when you’re in a relationship with a Russian lady, there are no winners and losers. You’re teammates in this one. So when you’re having a fight, don’t try to win it.

Instead, focus on finding the solution to prevent this fight from arising again.